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McLaren Debuts Senna GTR Concept



The 2018 Geneva Motor Show has already started with a bang this week. The hyper car makers came out in full force this year and are not done just yet. Today, McLaren unveiled a fully track focused McLaren Senna GTR Concept to the Switzerland show. The fully raced out McLaren did not release with too many specs yet of what the hyper car is capable of, but we know that the street version of the Senna was already quoted as one of the most brutal vehicles to come out of the Woking factory.
As for now McLaren have released information surround the GTR release. The huge rear diffuser that somewhat resembles the Ford GT GTE rear aero will help to increase the Senna downforce to a whopping 1,000kgs. The GTR Concept will require Pirelli slick tires and a race inspired gearbox. McLaren says the Senna GTR Concept will lap tracks around the world just outside of Formula 1 times.
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