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Porsche Has Made Vinyl Records From LMP1 Tires



Most racing junkies fall to their knees begging for anything made out of vintage or current race parts. From furniture and lighting fixtures to handbags that have tire tracks from a vintage Formula 1 car.
This time Porsche wants in on the collectible game with this limited run of 200 vinyl records that were produced from recycled tires from their Porsche LMP1 919 program. The tires after Porsche exited from the WEC championship at the end of 2017 were tucked away in a storage unit until a few were pulled and shredded into vinyl records that have 24 tracks of 1 minute in length.
24 of the record sets will go up for auction on Feb. 24 with the proceeds being donated to Loisirs Pluriel which is an organization that helps disabled children in France.