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Most Epic Construction Mishaps Ever



If you own your own property, there’s a high chance that you want to do everything you can to make your home your castle. Of course, you’re gonna have to be pretty skilled in DIY to build yourself a few turrets, a moat complete with drawbridge, a two-story library, a west and an east wing, and everything else that any respectable castle should come equipped with. Because many of us barely know how to use a screwdriver, we often stick to smaller projects that we can do ourselves. We may fix the leak in the faucet, we might paint the walls a different color to give it a certain something extra, and sometimes we will even change a lightbulb after days of sitting in the dark.
However, when bigger projects need to be completed, we call in a few extra helping hands. We pay good money for these jobs to be completed on time and of a good quality, and we expect everything to look perfect. After all, they’re the professionals! However, it seems as though sometimes even those trained in the art of DIY have a few off days. You genuinely won’t believe these construction fails. How did they get it so wrong?

Blueprint Blunder

The project manager will not be happy when he sees this. These workers failed to translate the 2-D blueprint into practical, 3-D existence, and we have to wonder exactly what they were thinking, because in no way should either staircase have been placed after seeing where the first half was.

Secret Loft

This little lofty getaway is quite the escape, considering it’s literally inaccessible. Yep, this nice lounge set is just sitting across the vaulted space where literally no one will ever use it, and few will even see it. Why they’d build this section, let alone decorate it is beyond us.

Pointless Platform

The more you stare at this monstrosity, the less sense it makes. What is the point of this elevated platform? What were the steps and ramp supposed to be leading up to? Why is there nothing that indicates an old railway used to pass through here? Unfortunately, it seems like we’ll have more questions than answers.

Rock Solid View

Rule #1 in stadium seating is to make sure that the people in the seats can see what’s going on the field. Somehow that was not communicated here, and now they have dozens of useless seats that are only preventing them from selling more tickets. Might need a slight remodel.

Toilet Architecture

You don’t even need help seeing this one, as the architectural prints should have been obvious to the designers that this blatantly is shaped like a toilet. Perhaps the functionality fits their needs, but really? May not be as noticeable from the ground, but whoever approved this needs better judgement.

2nd Story Garage

Ah, yes, everyone needs a second story garage. That’s exactly what makes the most sense when building a house that has no accessible driveway. Some construction planners have questionable decision making, but how on Earth do you design something this poorly? Let’s hope it’s been converted into a room.

Rogue Window

Sometimes long-time apartment owners are stubborn and reluctant to leave, even as things change and build up all around them. We can presume that’s what this individual here has done, considering the building modifications seem clear. But while all of the rest of the building has been sealed over, this window stands alone on the façade. Whether a construction fail or a last stand, it still looks ridiculous from the street view.

Awful Drainage

We all know the point of storm drains is to help easily flooded public areas disperse water when there’s an excess amount of rain, but when you see an image like this, all you can do is shake your head. Clearly they didn’t measure the level of the land properly, and on top of that, it made it onto the road, which only gave it more space to flood. Bad engineering.

Window Support

You can assume there was next to no planning on the structure if someone installed a window in a brick wall that actually needed an entirely different support beam to keep the building up. We can assume the notice posted is regrettably informing the resident that their dwelling is unlivable, which for the building company, is unforgivable.

Leveled Door

All buildings have character, but some are a bit less ashamed of their makeover than others. Sure, over time, structures change and are upgraded, but if you’re going to completely redo the walls, why leave the entire door? Didn’t they seal the other side? It’s not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever, and more or less draws unwanted and negative attention.

Don’t SOTP Believin’

There’s a lot of pressure on road painters to get the job done right. They have to outline their words to start with, then they have to make sure that the paint doesn’t go out of the lines, and then they have to wait until it’s totally dry before they can let cars run over it.

To Tree Or Not To Tree

We’re sure that his is a perfectly lovely store. We’re sure that they sell great products. We’re sure that the staff are probably incredibly friendly. What we’re not sure on if why there is a giant tree trunk in the middle of this store – and why it is painted white. Do the leaves come out of the roof?

A Long Way Down

ATM machines are the greatest machines in the world. Why? Well, because that’s where we go and withdraw our Benjamins when we need snacks. Simple. While most ATM machines are in normal locations and at normal heights, the person who installed this machine decided go in a different direction. That direction was south.

Can You Reach?

We don’t even know where to start with this one. Although people rarely use public telephones anymore, it’s unusual to see the world reject these phones in such a manner. If the phone companies want us to use our cell phones, then they just need to tell us to do so.

Making It Work

Sometimes construction projects do go wrong. That’s just the way it is. However, it takes a strong person to realize that they’ve made a mistake and go back to correct it. This person tried to do that, but we don’t think that’s the way it should have been played.

Stairway To Nowhere

If you’ve ever wondered what the stairway to hell looks like, there’s a high chance that you’re looking at it right now. There’s honestly nothing worse than getting your hopes up for them to be crushed straight away, and we feel as though this is the case with this staircase. Where is it going to?

I’m Not Lovin’ It

Although the caretakers of this building have decided to paint it with the colors of McDonald’s, it’s safe to say that we’re not lovin’ it. It looks bleak, it looks depressing, and it does not look inviting. Yet, we have to give them credit for putting in the effort. They have painted it, and they’ve even added a playset onto the roof for the kids to enjoy.

So Close, But Yet So Far

We’re not bridge building experts, but from this photograph, it seems as though this building company decided to take the bull by the horns and really smash productivity out of the park. They decided to split into two teams and then meet in the middle to create one perfect bridge.

Ready, Steady, Jump

It’s a legal requirement to have a fire exit in any building, and they’re super helpful additions. It’s great to know that if things did get a little hot in there, you wouldn’t have to take off all your clothes because you could simply walk out of the fire exit in a rather swift fashion. Take that, Nelly!

A Bit Of A Stretch

There really is nothing worse than going to the restroom and finding that the toilet paper isn’t within reach. You need to do an awkward waddle with your pants around your ankles, so that you can swiftly get your hands on that paper.

Garage Of The Future

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie and cried a little knowing that the world wasn’t actually full of those really cool inventions? There are no self-tying shoes, there are no neutralizers, and there are definitely no real lightsabers (no matter how hard we wish for them on our birthdays).

Nearly There

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but there is use shedding a tear over the fact that this is just so unfortunate. The whole point of any sink is to catch the water from the faucet, so it doesn’t go all over the floor and cause a mess.

Is Anybody Down There?

Okay, this one is a little confusing. Unless that giant cement hole in the ground is full of cushions, a couple of unicorns and a some kind of ball pit. Although children’s play parks are notorious for being a little dangerous, with kids walking away with scraped knees and bruises, we can’t say that we’d let our children have free reign on this slide – because that hole does not look inviting.

Right Of Way

There are two kinds of people in this world; those that drive, and those that don’t drive. If you make up the latter option, there’s a high chance that you don’t see a huge amount wrong with this photo. You can simply drive around this telephone pole, right? Well, not quite.

Hanging On The Edge

If you’re not familiar with how trains work, you’ll need this little nugget of information. Trains have to run on tracks to get anywhere; tracks that look a lot like the ones underneath this balcony. They cannot move when they’re not on the tracks, and they’re also pretty darn big. Do you see the issue here?

Too Close For Comfort

If you’ve ever used a urinal, you’ll know that it’s not exactly the most comfortable of experiences. Sure, you feel the relief of not having a full bladder, and you have the pleasure of not having to sit down, but these urinals are a little out in the open. Unless you are blessed with an empty bathroom, you have to share this space with other people.


As you wander around any town, city, or street, it’s impossible to not see a manhole cover. It’s just the way the world is. It’s littered with drains, and we’ve got used to seeing them all day, every day. Normally, these manhole covers are spaced out and only ever really on their own. But not in this case.

Don’t Block The Path

There’s nothing more irritating than someone walking in the cycle lane. That’s just not how society works, you know? There are rules to follow, and staying in your lane is one of them. However, the people walking down this sidewalk actually have no choice but to step into the cycle lane to get around this huge pole.

When Five Become One

We’ve all heard the famous Spice Girls song, “When Two Become One,” because it’s one of the best songs in existence. While planning this new housing development, these construction workers obviously had this song in their minds – because they thought it was a great idea!

Up and Down

The great thing about a ramp is that it’s accessible for everyone. Some people struggle to walk up stairs, and others don’t have wheelchairs or strollers to consider, which is where ramps come in. You can go up them, you can go down them, and it’s all great fun. However, we have a feeling that whoever was in charge of building this ramp didn’t quite know what the heck they were doing.

The Art Hotel

It doesn’t take a genius to know that windows kinda have to all look the same. Sure, there are no laws against it, but it’s just what people expect from a window. They all need to uniform, they all need to be straight, and they all need to follow the same kind of pattern.

You Shall Not Pass

When you try to enter a restricted area, there’s a high chance that you wish you’d come across a dude in a long cloak with a huge beard and a stick. Of course, he’d then say “You shall not pass,” and you’ll be on your way because you don’t want to ignore the man. He is Gandalf, after all.

It’s The Drawer On The Left

We look at some of these construction fails and wonder what goes through the minds of some people. Were they drinking on the job? Were they sleep deprived? Were they just being super silly? We’ll never know, but we will know that things like this exist.

Open Sesame

You know the phrase, “You had one job”? Well, that’s how we feel about the person who was in charge of placing this handle on the door. While we understand that there are rarely any instructions that come with door handles, we’d like to hope that common sense points them in the right direction.

Keep Off The Grass

As you walk through your local park, you might come across signs that tell you to keep off the grass, or even fences that try to keep pesky pedestrians from trampling over the new flowers. It’s actually an everyday occurrence, and we’re pretty used to it all.

Chilling Out

It’s many people’s dreams to have a mezzanine level in their house where they can just chill out. They’ll fill it with comfortable chairs, cushions and blankets, and it will be a one-way ticket to sleepy town. We get the feeling that whoever was in charge of designing this building also had a similar idea in mind – but didn’t quite get to grips with it.

A Sharp Corner

We’ve seen that stairs are a little difficult to perfect, but this staircase really wins the trophy for most awkward. We feel for the people who live at the top of these stairs because traversing your way around these banisters and corners must do nothing for their knees.

Views For Days

When you’re finding a new place to live, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. You need to know that it’s in the right location for you and your family, you need to know that it’s got everything you need for a home, and you need to know that it’s got a few little perks. You know, like views for days!

No Corner Kicks Allowed

Soccer is the kind of game that brings everyone together in the spirit of sport and puts a smile on everyone’s faces. You can play it with your classmates, your family, and you can even play up against the wall by yourself.

Just Look At That Vie… Ooops!

Don’t you just love a balcony? You can enjoy the wonders of the outdoors without leaving your home; you can get your daily dose of fresh air, and you can even just embrace what the world has to offer. The people who live in this building probably thought they had scored themselves an awesome deal when they found these apartments with balconies.