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Amazing Photographs Captured By Flying Drones



As new technologies are invented the way art is captured often changes, evolving to something completely different than what we knew before. Flying drones are now an accessible and affordable piece of equipment for many people, essentially taking a remote control car and giving it wings. With these amazing new angles, photography has changed, allowing us to see even more of the world in greater detail than we could before.
Drone photography continues to increase in popularity, and the more it develops, the better the images we’re going to see. Images taken by drones are now so groundbreaking that they are winning photography awards while competing with standard methods of picture taking.

Alternate Angle

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous buildings in the world, thanks to its signature lean and the threat of toppling over. This aerial drone photograph gives a completely new angle of the towering building; one rarely seen.

Chasing Them Down

The great thing about drones is that they can get to places you might not otherwise be able to reach. It seems this user flew their drone somewhere they weren’t supposed to. She seems intent on bringing the gadget down, but we don’t think that broom is big enough.

Intruder Alert

The birds here probably weren’t sure what to make of the new addition to their flock. Hopefully, they didn’t decide to launch an attack on the drone because the device probably couldn’t take on that many beaks and claws.

Hillside Bunny

We don’t pretend to understand some of the sculptures that people put up to attract tourists. A giant pink bunny that looks like it’s been traumatized by something certainly makes for an interesting addition to this hillside.

Holding On

From a glance, it appears like that’s a child face-palming the snowy hillside while a bear attempts to get at them. However, what appears to be a kid in a bobble hat is actually a cub needing help from its mother.

Go Fish

Upon close inspection, it’s clear that this is a huge net cast out by some fishermen. When you think of fishing, you probably imagine someone with a rod making the odd catch over a few hours.

Keeping Their Distance

These fish are parting like the Red Sea as this shark calmly approaches them, ready to strike at any moment. They don’t want to be too close when the animal decides to pounce.

Watching Us

The purpose of scarecrows is to scare crows – duh – but this one seems to have a thing against drones. There’s something about the way it’s hunched over and appears to be staring directly at the camera that sends a shiver down our spines.

Lightning Strikes

When it comes to thunderstorms, you either love them or hate them. Some people are scared by the piercing sounds and threat of lightning, while others revel in the gloomy atmosphere. It’s not easy catching a lightning bolt in action, but this drone did a great job.

Alien Phenomenon

These bizarre red circles in the sky certainly look like they’re out of this world, almost as though they’re creating a portal to another dimension. Unfortunately, we don’t think any intergalactic creatures will be landing on this field anytime soon.

On Its Side

Considering how neatly this truck is lying on its side, it’s hard to tell whether or not it was intentionally tipped over. The vehicle would almost look like it was still upright if it wasn’t for all the other cars driving normally on the road nearby.

Just Keep Swimming

We’d say this vantage point is probably best when it comes to this scene. It’s complete mayhem down there as these swimmers presumably compete to win a big event. It definitely appears as though there are a few collisions going on in the water, and we’re glad we’re not a part of them.

Waiting To Strike

It seems like someone’s found their next meal. This lion might not know what a drone is, but that doesn’t matter. In the animal’s eyes, it looks just like prey, and that’s all they need to know to strike.

In The Paddy Fields

People in countries like India and Thailand live vastly different lives to their counterparts over in the west. Some of them spend their days working in the paddy fields cultivating rice so they can make a living.

Gorilla Crossing

It’s not every day that you just see a gorilla along the pathway, but this one in particular seems to be in a hurry by the way he hustled right by on two upright legs. He surely looks to be a silverback, which means this is one of the more rare species in the world. Wonder how he got there…

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, which is located in Dubai, is the world’s largest artificial island and is shaped like a palm tree.

Sunrise At Big Sur

The first light of the day has something magical about it, as you patiently wait for the sun to say hello to your part of the world for the day. This drone photographer has managed to capture that moment perfectly.

Tropical Beach

It’s not always about covert images, or death-defying stunts in the world of flying drone photography. Sometimes using a drone to take a picture enhances the view and comes closer to turning a picture of paradise into a reality.

Belize Blue Hole

This incredible image captured is an aerial shot of Belize’s Great Blue Hole. Located about 40 miles from the mainland of Belize City, this circular formation was made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who declared it one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located on the international border of Ontario, Canada and New York State. The Falls are known for their incredible hydroelectric power and beauty.


One of the most terrifying things about swimming or doing anything in the sea is that you just don’t know what’s lurking beneath. For these two paddle boarding girls, what appears to be a great time could turn into a disaster if the shark lurking below them looks up.

Blue Lagoon

Travel to Iceland to check out this geothermal spa in person. It’s known as the Blue Lagoon and located on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Mirny Mine

This open pit diamond mine is called Mirny mine and is located in the Siberian region of eastern Russia. It is one of the largest excavated holes in the world and has been active as an underground mine since 2009.


Shipwrecks not only make for awesome drone footage, but also great places for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is one of the most famous statues in the world, largely due to its massive size and placement overlooking the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Instead of looking up at the colossal figure, this drone photographer has gone way above to look down on the statue of Jesus, to see what it sees.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world, but the people who live there only really get to see it from up above. Maybe they work in an office near the top floor of a tall building, but it’s not often that Hong Kong citizens see their city from such an angle.

Statue Of Liberty

The 151-foot tall sculpture was a gift from the people of France. Located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Liberty Enlightening the World statue is a symbol of freedom for the United States.

Eiffel Tower

The most popular tourist destination in Paris since 1887. Every year over 7 million people climb the tower to view the romantic Parisian skyline.

Manta Ray

This photographer captured a pair of Manta Rays cruising along the coastline of a sandy white beach. Sunbathers got a glimpse of these creatures as they passed by.

Whale Watching

This epic sight really shows off the insane size of the what appears to be a giant humpback. What better way to capture these creatures beauty and size than with a drone.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal, meaning “Crown of the Palaces” is located in the Indian city of Agra. The ivory-marble mausoleum was commissioned in 1632 to house the tomb of the Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


This amazing drone shot gives us all vacation envy. The crystal clear water and white sandy beaches in this shot are located in the Maldives. Not only is it known for its beautiful beaches and blue water, but also its extensive coral reefs.

Lotus Temple

This structure, the Lotus Temple, is notable for its distinctive flower-like shape. It is located in Delhi, India and is a major tourist attraction in the city.

Viva Las Vegas

The iconic Vegas strip is home to some of the most famous mega casino-hotels in the world. Sin City is known for its shopping, dining, entertainment, nightlife and being a gambler’s paradise.

Space Shuttle

This image captured the Space Shuttle Inspiration, a full-scale Space Shuttle mockup built in 1972 by North American Rockwell.

Church Of The Savior On Spilled Blood

This aerial shot is of The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was built between 1883 and 1907 with the construction of the structure funded by the imperial family.

The Fiery Pits

Without risking flying a plane or a helicopter over the melting pot of a volcano, how else would we get to see inside without a drone? By using a drone, no one was put at risk and the photographer was able to hover over the molten lava to get this perfect shot.

Bai Tu Long

This image was taken high above the fishing village of Bai Tu Long in Vietnam. The picture shows several wooden structures used to help the village people capture their fish, keeping them fresh until ready to be eaten or sold to help the village buy more supplies.

Bridging The Gap

This drone photographer managed to capture this magnificent creature going about its day, trying to keep dry by staying on the ice, or perhaps clinging on as the glacier slides away.


This angle perfectly captures the danger this thrill-seeker has put themselves in while seeking a rush of adrenaline. The aerial image shows how there is very little margin for error, and if the diver doesn’t judge his jump perfectly, he could end up crashing into the rocks.

Danish Forest

This picture was taken high above the tree canopy in a Danish forest, as the cold weather really settles in for a long winter. It shows how accessible drone photography can make the world, despite extreme temperatures.

Marina Bay Singapore

Located in the Central Area of Singapore, Marina Bay hosts the Formula One Grand Prix and light art festival every year.

Basilica Of Saint Francis

Captured by flying a drone, seemingly over the abyss, this photographer has managed to encapsulate the incredibly atmospheric image of the Basilica of Saint Francis.

Barcelona In The Clouds

In a bid to take one of the best ever photographs in Barcelona, this photographer fired up their drone on a cloudy day and shot this image of the Sagrat Cor Church. The clouds add to the drama of the church, making it seem like one of the most imposing buildings ever built.

Don’t Look Down

While they might have felt isolated on the climb, at this height the climber does at least have some company – this drone! This climber can rely on the person operating the drone to report to someone should they get into difficulty or end up getting stuck halfway up.

From Russia With Love

Almost acting as an optical illusion, the suspension cables of this bridge make this bridge appear to hang from the heavens to allow these vehicles to cross the water. Drones can even turn some of the most functional parts of humanity into art!

Appearances Are Deceiving

A lot of people don’t realize just how dangerous these creatures are because they seem relatively harmless when viewed like this. We’d say it’s best just to appreciate them from the safety of a drone camera.

Balloon Ride

The view from these balloons must be pretty incredible as they glide over ancient temples and sprawling grasslands from so high up. Luckily, you don’t need a hot air balloon to see these sights anymore, because you can just send a drone up in your place.

Rome’s Greatest Achievement

It can be hard to appreciate the scale of beauty when you’re inside the monument, but seeing it from a distance like this puts everything into perspective. The Colosseum lights up the city around it.

Watching And Waiting

As this wave is cresting, the predators are noticeable as they wait to strike. Terrifying!

Where To Fish?

People down on the ground can’t possibly know for sure how many pools of water there are at the Falougha Lakes in Lebanon. These lakes are a popular hiking destination for many world travelers, but few can have been able to enjoy this view of the famous lakes before drone photography.

What Lurks Beneath

This picture was taken as two scooters cross a bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the riders presumably completely unaware of the dangers that the bridge protects them from.


Thanks to this drone photographer we can get a little bit closer to the feeling of leaping from the top of a waterfall into the depths below. While not everyone is brave enough to take a leap of faith, at least we can all see what it’s like from up high.

As Close As Possible

We’ve seen that drones can get a great bird’s eye shot of what the inside of a volcano looks like, but this brave little drone is trying to get as close as possible. Working as part of a duo, these drones were able to capture the violent fires in between these two mountains.

Snow’s Falling

Unless you live somewhere that’s cold all year round, it’s always a joyful time when snow starts falling in winter. It fills people with festive cheer and gives the kids an excuse to go outside and leave their video games alone for a few hours.

The Sights Of Arizona

If you’ve never taken a trip to the Grand Canyon, you should try and find the time to at some point in your life. It’s one of the United States’ greatest natural landmarks, and it will put a lot of things into perspective for you.

Flying Overhead

Hundreds, if not thousands, have gathered to watch this jet in action. That’s certainly what it looks like anyway as people crowd around the bridge and on the hillside while the plane soars overhead.


If shows like Lost and Gilligan’s Island have taught us anything, it’s that things don’t usually go well when you’re stranded in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully, this drone has shown us exactly what we’re missing out on without putting our lives in any danger.

On The Water

The sea might be an excellent place for taking a dip, but it can also offer any adrenaline junkies out there an exhilarating rush. There’s nothing quite like a bit of water sports to fill your time when you spend a day at the beach.

Candles On The Water

When electricity is a privilege that you can’t always afford, you have to find other means to light up your surroundings. Candles are usually the go-to thing, and when they’re put on the water, they create the most beautiful sight.

Rowing On Mud

The water is so clear it looks as though this boat is rowing across the sun-cracked mud, and not floating along on the water. This image was taken by a drone flying above Burke Lake in Virginia and really highlights how things look different from above.

Beached Camels

This image was taken above Cable Beach in Australia as the sun was setting. The distinctive humps on the backs of these animals mean this can be nothing other than a caravan of camels making their way across this beach.

Don’t Even Breathe

This driver has to make sure they don’t look down otherwise they might find themselves getting too attracted to the edge of the cliff face. While shooting in the French Alps, a drone photographer managed to capture this image, showing the dangers truck drivers face when working.

Waterlily Worker

The photographer captures a woman hard at work amongst the waterlilies while chest high in the water. This image was taken in Vietnam and shows a completely different angle on an everyday situation.

Towering Over Dubai

Credited by people in Dubai as the most luxurious hotel in the world, the Burj Al-Arab really is something. It’s the fifth-highest hotel ever made, and it once hosted a game of tennis between Roger Federer and Andre Agassi on what is now a helipad.

Up All Night

As technology has developed, buildings have gotten taller, sleeker, and understandably pretty in their own way. Big cities are now the brightest places in the world because they have so many lights keeping the area illuminated.

The Festival Of Colors

If you’re ever going to visit India, you’d be wise to do so when the locals commemorate Holi. An ancient Hindu festival usually carried out in March, you can expect this kind of colorful bonanza during the celebrations.

Earth’s Beauty

The Earth truly is full of wonders. These naturally occurring landmarks show exactly what our planet can achieve when left to its own devices. Thanks to drones, we’re able to view them all up close, even the ones that aren’t easy to access.

Iconic Journey

Cruising down Route 66, with the roof down while the sun is out, is something many travelers dream of. Luckily, this pair’s iconic trip was captured by this drone.


This castle, as pictured in France from high above, is Mont Saint-Michel, and every so often the tide comes in and turns the castle into its own island. The photographer had to wait for many days to ensure the conditions were perfect.

Carnival Time

Taken in Yucatan, Mexico, while everyone was concentrating on the fun they were having on the ground, this photographer found a way to have fun in the sky.

Where’s Waldo

These Waldo enthusiasts were snapped from overhead at the Limassol Carnival in Cyprus, as they perfectly blend in with each other. Like a real life version of the popular puzzle book, these Waldo fans have come dressed as their hero, but is the real Waldo hiding somewhere amongst the crowd?

A Lesson

While they took center stage by giving their lesson to these students, a photographer seized the moment and made sure it was remembered forever. If these students can manage to travel down a white water rapid in the same formation, then this teacher might just be the best in the world.

Getting Married In Style

Wedding photography has become a competitive business now that weddings are getting more and more creative. The more exciting people’s weddings get, the more they want the perfect moments throughout the day captured by an expert photographer.

Is This Mars?

This image looks like someone has been building roads on the planet Mars when no one else was looking. It is actually an aerial shot of a strip of highway running through Arizona, but the red rocks at the side of the road make it look otherworldly.

Farming By Night

Most of the time farmers are out during the day, making use of the sun as much as possible and getting home by nightfall. As this farmer’s schedule overran by some time, they’ve had to rely on the high-powered lights to illuminate their crop field.

Shanghai Roads

This drone photographer managed to capture two important elements in Shanghai. The sprawling city whose roads are so mind-bendingly complex they seem almost impossible to follow. This photographer snapped this image as rush hour began to set in.

Life On High

Living on the top of this rock is a monk with many worshippers who follow him down below. The monk remains on top of the giant rock and relies on his disciples to bring supplies for their guide by climbing up the treacherous dangerous rope ladder.


With little land to stand on, this picture had to be taken from above. It shows how isolating the rising tide can be for those who live in Alexandria Bay between New York and Canada.


This drone photographer captures three men at work inspecting their field for virus infected tulips. The Netherlands is famed for its tulip fields, and the landscape is perfect for a drone photographer.