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Lamborghini Launches Selezione: Certified Pre-Owned Program



Automobili Lamborghini will officially be launching a new program in 2019 dedicated to certified pre-owned vehicles that are in excellent condition. The name of the program you might asked, Selezione Lamborghini. The Selezione program will focus used Lamborghinis that have not traveled over 43,500 miles in 84 months or 62,000 miles in 120 months if a Urus, Lamborghinis new SUV model.
Lamborghini states that all the vehicles resold will undergo the regular scheduled maintenance indicated by Automobili Lamborghini. Lamborghini will also set in a place a checklist test that will have to be completed. The inspection will cover vehicle history, interior/exterior, fluid levels, mechanics/electronics, tires/rims/brakes. A dianostic test and other on-road test will be performed during the inspection prior to resale by the specified Pre-Owned dealerships.