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‘Fast and Furious’: Brian O’Conner’s Best Moments



Brian’s first street race, ‘The Fast and the Furious’

The first time you see the smiling stars outgoing personality and love for the street racing scene. This scene marks the beginning of a life long friendship between Dom and Brian.

Brian calls for help and blows his cover, ‘The Fast and the Furious’

One of the final scenes of the first movie when Brian opens up and has to deal with saving a life or staying undercover. Brian chooses the right move and blows his cover to save Vince.

Brian lets Dom run, ‘The Fast and the Furious’

The scene that closes the first movie shows the trust that the two lead rolls have created. After the crash of the Dodge Charger Brian gives Dom the keys to the 10second Supra. The line becomes instantly famous “I owe you a 10 second car.”

The no look and stare move, ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’

Brian shows off and flirts with Monica (Eva Mendes).

Every Scene Brian says, “Oh shit,”

Brian’s tag line in just about every movie.

Brian comes in hot, ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’

Brian does everything he can to save the ones he loves. In the boat scene Brian pulls off a Dukes of Hazzard move to save Monica who has been captured and taken off on a yacht.

Brian reunites with Mia, ‘Fast & Furious’

After years of separation Brian and Mia reunite when Brian has been working with the FBI and Mia ends up in the holding cell. Brian immediately acts and gets her out of detainment. At this moment Brian enters back into the “Ride or Die” family and lifestyle.

Brian cuts a deal for Dom’s Freedom, ‘Fast & Furious’

Brian always has and will have a spot for Dom and will do whatever he can to keep him and the family safe. Brian cuts a deal with the Feds, if he takes down Braga, Dom is free.

Brian and Dom kill Fenix, ‘Fast & Furious’

The turning point in Brian’s fed career is when Brian follows Dom to Mexico. Brian helps Dom avenge the death of Letty by killing Fenix. Brian aids in the killing by holding down Fenix’s foot as Dom rams Fenix with a car.

Brian can’t understand that Dom cheated, ‘Fast & Furious’

Even under the circumstances of running from the cops and killing Fenix, Brian still can’t let it go that Dom cheated in the race earlier on. His get his last words in prior to the cops showing up. “I gotta ask you something; You know I would’ve won that race if you didn’t cheat, right?”

Brian gets Dom off the prison bus, ‘Fast & Furious’

Brian turns full on outlaw spec and drives Dom’s Dodge Charger and aids in getting Dom to escape from the prison bus.

Brian jumps off a moving train to protect Mia, ‘Fast Five’

Brian protects Mia after jumping off a train, ‘Fast Five’
Mid job things go bad and Mia is being tracked and Brian has to make the decision to jump off the train and stop them before they get to his precious Mia. Minutes later Brian jumps off a cliff.

Mia is pregnant, ‘Fast Five’

“Im not going anywhere.” The family is forced to split up yet Mia drops the bomb that she is pregnant and Brian should stick with her. That smile.

Brian refuses that Dom gave him the win, ‘Fast Five’

Brian gets his chance to win a race when the crew steal cop cars, Brian wins and he has never been happier to take down one of the leaders of the family. This moment is one of the most lovable moments in all of the movies.

Brian to the rescue, saves Dom’s life, ‘Fast Five’

Dom enters a suicide mission and pulls through but in the last second one of Reyes’ guys pulls a gun on an unarmed Dom and Brian comes back to save Dom’s life with a one shot hit.

Brian wants another shot, ‘Fast Five’

Brian wants another run at Dom, ‘Fast Five’
Brian can’t live with himself and needs another run at the all mighty Dom. “I want another shot. You and me, once and for all.”

Brian negotiates for full pardons for everyone, ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Brian puts Letty’s life above his and potential jail time, ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Brian uses his FBI hookups to lock himself up in jail where Braga is put away. Brian and Braga have a face-to-face and Braga explains that Letty’s death was Brian’s fault. Brian tears up and tells Braga, “You’re lucky this door is between the two of us.”

Brian saves Roman from horrific tank death, ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Brian and his Ford jump the median to save Roman at the last second. Roman is able to make the leap over to the car just seconds prior to disaster and death. Another last second save!

Shaw has Brian’s beloved Mia, ‘Fast & Furious 6’

Brian’s face in this scene shows the love for Mia and the mother of his child. Brian will do anything to take down Shaw and get Mia back.

Brian drives a minivan, ‘Furious 7’

Brian drives a soccer mom van, ‘Furious 7’
Only a matter of time until Brian is teach Jack some drifting and racing skills

Brian fights Tony Jaa/defies gravity and makes last second grab, ‘Furious 7’

Brian flies a $3.5mill car with Dom, ‘Furious 7’

From building to building the two brothers escape
“Cars dont’ fly, Dom!”

Brian tells Mia to move on, ‘Furious 7’

Before the final big scene of Furious 7, Brian has a conversation with Mia telling her to move on with her life with Jack if he doesn’t make it.

Brian’s goodbye, ‘Furious 7’

With surviving the Job, Brian returns to the family. Brian leaves in his white supra and finds his brother Dom on the road and they race because that is what they loved to do. Brian’s life flashes before the viewer and we get that amazing Brian smile prior to the two parting ways. One of the most teary eyed moments of all movies and it sure meant a lot.

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