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Guy Buys Formula 1 Cars With Cryptocurrency



With the recent world adoption and hype over bitcoin you would assume many are jumping on the train in hopes of turning a modest invest into serious money to buy some luxury items. Put the buying of Bentley’s and Lambo’s aside. What most would not expect would be a cryptocurrency whale to purchase racing equipment like a used Formula 1 car.
Well, we have our first F1 car purchase with Litecoin. A Chinese man has agreed to purchase a total of 4 Formula 1 cars for a total of 4.7 Million (USD). The sale will go through a UK Heritage Formula 1 dealer. One of the main cars in the buy is a 2011 Sauber Ferrari C30 that was driven by Kamui Kobayashi. The other four cars have not yet been disclosed but are said to be all in racing order.