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Woman High On Cocaine Crashes Ferrari 458 Especiale



During the Holiday’s Hollywood actor, director and car enthusiast Steve Goldfield was involved in a car accident. The incident took place in Hollywood and Goldfield was driving his 2015 Ferrari 458 Especiale. The kicker to the story was that the woman that hit Goldfield’s $300,000+ Custom Ferrari was high on cocaine and attempted to flee the scene.
The woman attempted to drive away but witnesses of the incident prevented her from leaving and called 911. The Ferrari was smashed into a pole and the radiators were damaged as they were leaking fluids all over the road.
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Goldfield posted to facebook saying, “So I’m at an event in Hollywood and people come in to tell me that some girl smashed my Ferrari. Not good news. She tried to flee but people at eye event stopped her. She was hi on Coke. The police came and had to tase her.
Not sure if it’s fixable. I’d love to get an F12 Tour de France to replace it.
At any rate, that was my evening”.
source: Goldfield’s Facebook