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Historical Racing Photos You Will Love…



Vintage racing photos are awesome and we wish we could have been around during a time of major motorsports growth in the early and late 1900s. Here is a random collection of some vintage race cars and events throughout the past that portrait a different time in history through the lens of an automotive photographer.

1961 Grand-Prix De-L’ACF

1961Grand Prix De L’ACFSource: Motorsports Golden Age

Lola T 70

Lola T 70Source:

Little Red Wagon Dodge A100

Little Red Wagon Dodge A100Source: Motorsports Golden Age

Porsche 917

1981. F1 Champion Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari 126CK

vintage1Source: Modern Vintage Racing Photos

Belgium Grand Prix in 1968


Mechanics working on the Beltoise MS11 with a V12 3.0 engine

Sauber-Mercedes C291

vintage3Source: Motorsports Golden Age

Michael Schumacher during a pitstop at the 1991 Autopolis World Sportscar Championship

1955 Beligium Grand Prix


Fangio in 1955 wheeling the W196 at Spa-Francorchamps

Alcaniz, Spain in 1970

vintage5Source: Motorsports Golden Age

Porsche 917 of Alex Soler Roig and Jorge Bragation in the Porsche 908