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Shows Canceled & Renewed This Year



How many times have you found yourself just getting into a brand new show only for the network to cancel it? The world of television is a cutthroat business and for shows to make it they have got to be good. If shows take a dive in the ratings, there is no guarantee they will be coming back for more next season.
Even if the story is really great, once those ratings dip, it’s a hard road to recovery. Not all shows go down without a fight, though, and these are the popular TV shows that have been canceled or renewed by their networks.

Servant (Canceled)

This horror television series executively produced by M. Night Shyamalan is coming to an end after four seasons, and though it was considered popular and different, it didn’t have as much longevity and a following on Apple TV+ as they’d hoped. It won’t conclude officially until 2023.

Music Box (Renewed)

Music Box is a documentary music series presented by Bill Simmons and HBO, and after a successful debut season in which documentaries like the Woodstock ‘99 feature captivated audiences, they’ll bring new programming to audiences in 2022.

CSI: Vegas (Renewed)

The newest popular iteration of the ever-popular CSI franchise, Las Vegas’ time as a focal point is just beginning, as the show will be renewed for a second season, presumably with many more to come. You can expect the newest season later in 2022.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Canceled)

Starring Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been a staple of network comedy for eight very successful seasons on Fox and NBC. The show’s won numerous awards and has been praised for its character inclusion and thoughtful storylines. The show will surely be missed, as the show will not be renewed in 2022.

Better Things (Canceled)

Better Things is a dramedy that was created by and stars Pamela Adlon as a divorced actress who must raise her daughters on her own. While it was praised for its whimsical nature and good story, the fifth and final season will conclude the series.

His Dark Materials (Canceled)

Based on the famous book trilogy of the same name, His Dark Materials was a popular show that aired on both BBC One and HBO, as it was primarily a UK produced series. The third and final season falls right in line with the books’ storyline, giving avid fans the story without expanding on their own.

Insecure (Canceled)

Developed by Issa Rae and Larrywilmore, and being partially based on Rae’s original web series Awkward Black Girl, Insecure followed the story of the modern black woman. The fifth season is its final for HBO, as the critically praised show goes off into the sunset with many accolades.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Canceled)

The longest running reality series in the U.S. has come to an end, with Keeping Up With The Kardashians ending for good. The famous E! TV series drew criticism and praise, but lasted 20 seasons and set all sorts of viewership records for the genre. It also won multiple awards.

Last Man Standing (Canceled)

This ABC sitcom starring Tim Allen and created by Jake Burditt moved to FOX for its final three seasons, but after nine strong, it’s coming to a close. Following a dad who’s an executive at a sporting goods store and living with three daughters, the show had widespread appeal.

MacGyver (Canceled)

CBS’ MacGyver took the traditional characteristics of the classic inventive savior and made him modern, and for that the show spanned a five year run. But now that’s come to an end, and the show concluded after the fifth season, with Peter Lenkov focusing on his other reboots instead.

Manifest (Canceled)

Manifest was the supernatural show that had everyone talking, but after 3 seasons and a move to Netflix, the show is finally being axed for good after its 4th season. Despite drawing a number of new viewers once moving to Netflix, the production faced limited storyline options.

Shameless (Canceled)

Showtime’s beloved Shameless has reached its final days, as the network announced it would not be renewing the series after its 11th season. The show was the longest running original script show on the network, despite it being an adaption of the British series it’s based on.

Ted Lasso (Renewed)

The sports comedy developed by Jason Sudeikis which follows an American football coach moving to England and then coaching a Premier League soccer team is coming back for a third season. The award-winning Apple TV+ series has received critical acclaim, including Emmys.

Blue Bloods (Renewed)

Police procedural drama ‘Blue Bloods’ has been one of the biggest hits over the last decades on our televisions screens. The series has already brought 10 seasons to CBS, and the network announced that the Tom Selleck-starring drama would be sticking around for at least another season. There were doubts about the show returning in 2020 due to filming restrictions but it found its way back on our screens in 2021 and will do so again in 2022. With over 200 episodes already under its belt, Blue Bloods is shaping up to be a show that will be remembered for decades.

Ozark (Renewed)

While many of us were forced to stay inside watching Netflix for hours at a time, a whole new set of eyes were drawn to the Jason Bateman-led ‘Ozark.’ The crime drama became a huge hit during the lockdown we all found ourselves in after its third season came to Netflix in March 2020. This increased interest in ‘Ozark’ has led to questions about the show’s future. With a huge surge in popularity, fans will want to see ‘Ozark’ and its gripping storyline return. Netflix recently has announced that there will be a season 4 of ‘Ozark’. Season 4 will be the final season for the money launderer financial advisor Marty Byrde.

The Blacklist (Renewed)

It’s not a huge shock, but the highly-polished thriller ‘The Blacklist’ will be returning for a ninth season. Stars Megan Boone and James Spader renegotiated their contracts recently, so it was only a matter of time before NBC announced the show’s renewal.‘The Blacklist’ reached a landmark 150th episode during season eight. Spader has been regularly praised for his performances, so his fans have more of the same to look forward to.

Snowpiercer (Renewed)

This TNT post-apocalyptic drama has caught the attention of many, and the show has already been renewed for a fourth season, while the third is just airing. Staring Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly, it follows the remnants of humanity on an ever-moving train.

Jupiter’s Legacy (Canceled)

Based on the comic, Jupiter’s Legacy became a Netflix original superhero series that only premiered in 2021, but the existence is short-lived as it was not renewed for a second. Although it starred Josh Duhamel, the show did not fulfill the streaming service’s expectations.

Yellowstone (Renewed)

The incredibly popular show Yellowstone will be back with a 5th season in 2022, and the Kevin Costner-led cast has only drawn more viewers with every season. And that’s not to mention it already has a prequel airing as well.

Yellowjackets (Renewed)

The newest teenage hit series Yellowjackets took drama to a new audience on Showtime, and for that it’s been rewarded and renewed for a second season. Both cast and story have drawn great reviews from critics, making it one of the up-and-coming shows of last year.

Good Girls (Canceled)

This story of desperate young mothers trying to defy their individual predicaments has come to a close. NBC is wrapping up after a modest but successful 4-season run. It’s more that the story ran out on this one rather than it receiving bad reviews.

Only Murders In The Building – (Renewed)

This true crime thriller that features the popular cast of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez is going to be around for a while. The show follows three true crime-obsessed neighbors who find themselves caught up in a case, in a race against the clock to solve it before they too become victims. It’s been picked up for a second season.

Better Call Saul (Canceled)

The origin story of Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman’s in his days before meeting Walter White were the main plot behind Better Call Saul, and although some claimed it was even better than its predecessor, it’s on its way out after the 6th season ends in 2022.

Star Trek: Picard (Renewed)

This sequel to the Star Trek: Nemesis plot follows Sir Patrick Stewart reviving his role as admiral Jean-Luc Picard, this time in the aftermath of the negative happenings of his past. As he moves forward, so will the show, as it has been renewed after a very successful debut season.

All Rise (Canceled)

This courtroom comedy that followed the lives of all those who are part of the criminal justice and legal systems has been cut short by NBC after just two seasons. With mixed rating, it just didn’t seem to become a sustainable option for the network, but rumors are it could be picked up elsewhere…

Reservation Dogs (Renewed)

This new and compelling show about indiginous youth from Oklahoma is receiving lots of praise, and has thus been renewed. It follows four troubled teenagers, who are trying to do anything they can to get to the mysterious land of California. The drama is being commended for its authentic representation of life on reservations, which means it’ll be sticking around.

Black-ish (Canceled)

This modern sitcom that followed in the footsteps of shows like Modern Family had a nice run, but its time on air is coming to an end. While most of the show’s actors have become stars in their own right, the show found that it had reached a good point of conclusion, and decided not to drag it out any longer. It still was critically acclaimed, though.

Lovecraft Country (Canceled)

Lovecraft Country was a highly anticipated horror drama put on by HBO, which followed the story first told in a novel of a man and his uncle who travel back to the Jim Crow 1950s to search for his father. Tragically, due to the health complications and passing of starring actor Michael K. Williams, the show was forced to end.

Superstore (Canceled)

This NBC sitcom that features the days in the lives of employees at a big box store called Cloud 9 is finally ending, despite its 6-year run and strong cast which included America Ferrera and Ben Feldman. The show likely used all its plot ideas, and NBC pulled the plug. It did finish with good ratings, however.

NCIS New Orleans (Canceled)

This branch of the ever-popular NCIS universe is being wrapped up, but have no fear, because as NCIS: New Orleans ends, another spin-off is already in the works. Viewers often are picky with their time, and when NCIS sees viewership drop, they know it’s time to start anew. New Orleans’ time is unfortunately up.

Queen of the South (Canceled)

Queen of the South is a high intensity Drama starring Alice Braga, which follows a young woman who surpasses gang life in Mexico for something far more elaborate and dangerous in the states. However, the show is coming to a conclusion, as USA decided to pull the plug.

This Is Us (Canceled)

One of the most captivating, emotional, and touching dramas to hit television this century was This Is Us, which drew in millions of viewers live each week to soak it all in. But the glorious run is over, and sometimes it’s good to stop a good thing before it gets ruined. Its final season is airing in 2022.

Magnum P.I. (Renewed)

This reboot of the very popular classic crime show sees a revamping of Thomas Magnum, this time in a much more modern sense. And classic television fans are loving it, because it’s now being picked up for its fourth season. CBS looks to have found a winner in an age where reboots are frowned upon.

American Housewife (Canceled)

American Housewife is the sitcom starring Katy Mixon, that aired on ABC until it was most recently cancelled after its fifth season. Though the tough, matriarchal comedy was a hit at first, the show seemed to fall flat after plot snags and actor replacements, leading directors to call it quits.

9-1-1 (Renewed)

This high intensity drama airing on FOX is still all the blaze, as the multi-faceted series follows policemen, firefighters, and paramedics as they operate in the alway bustling Los Angeles metro area. The show is being picked up for its fifth and six seasons, and shows no signs of cooling down.

Harlots (Canceled)

Hulu has made the decision to cancel its drama Harlots after just three seasons. The story followed a brothel owner and business owner trying to overcome adversity to raise her daughters in 18th century London, and was a hit with critics and audiences alike, receiving generally favorable reviews.

Run (Canceled)

HBO’s Run only made it one season before being cancelled. The high intensity rom-com starred Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson, who reunited after 17 years to turn over a new leaf and start a new life together. Though praised for their acting, it didn’t receive the viewership it needed.

Reprisal (Canceled)

Reprisal is another show Hulu’s written off after just one season. Abigail Spencer starred in this vengeance based thriller which features a femme fatale who seeks revenge after being left for dead. Rotten Tomatoes effectively called it “all pulp and no juice,” confirming it’s dull reception.

The Purge (Canceled)

After two seasons, the television rendition of The Purge has come to an end, with the USA Network ending it in May of 2020. Critical response was rough, with the general consensus being that the show was all premise without the delivery of even decent acting and story-telling.

Treadstone (Canceled)

USA also cancelled it’s show Treadstone after just a single season, despite the plotline being a prequel to the popular Bourne movie series. Despite being action-packed as you’d expect, the series had a complex narrative and lacked a graspable plot, leading to harsh critical reception.

Ray Donovan (Canceled)

Showtime’s Ray Donovan is finally coming to an end after seven successful seasons. They cancelled the show after the plot was basically extinguished, but the show generally had favorable reviews until the end. The lawyer and crime drama goes down as one of the network’s most successful originals.

Kids Say The Darndest Things (Canceled)

Tiffany Haddish’s reboot of the classic show once hosted by the now infamous Bill Cosby was more or less a flop. ABC gave it a chance, but with limited success and varying takes on the viewer’s interest in the subject, it turns out to be something people see videos of on their phones every day.

Perfect Harmony (Canceled)

NBC’s attempt at a musical comedy that starred the likes of Bradley Whitford and Anna Camp was put to rest after just it’s first season in 2020. With a premise of a small church choir with quirky members and their small town problems, the show’s limited theme failed to resonate with viewers.

Emergence (Canceled)

Another show falling victim to just one season of TV time is Emergence, a mystery thriller hybrid that follows a police chief’s decision to adopt an orphan with a background too crazy to believe. Allison Tolman starred, and basically carried the show that just never gained the popularity it needed to survive.

Almost Family (Canceled)

Redeveloped by FOX and adapted from an Australian series, Almost Family lasted just a single season, mainly due to the egregious accusations against actor Timothy Hutton. With a lewd plot and some pretty big acting names, a show that could have succeeded was forced to fold, but it was likely the right decision.

Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector (Canceled)

The NBC crime drama was adapted from a 1997 novel by Jeffery Deaver which follows a cop and disabled forensic expert to bring down the notorious criminal known as the Bone Collector. After one season however, the show failed to pick up any steam and was cancelled shortly after.

Deputy (Canceled)

Frankly, the reason FOX’s Deputy was canned after just one season was because it was boring. Critics found that there was virtually nothing new about the procedural drama, and the acting and storyline was basic and uninteresting at best. It was eliminated from the lineup as quickly as it was brought in.

God Friended Me (Canceled)

Brandon Michael Hall starred in this CBS comedy which lasted two seasons before being cancelled during the pandemic. The show had many conflicting reviews, largely based on the contrast of whimsical faith versus relatable drama for young adults. Ultimately, the show fell flat for network audiences.

Bless This Mess (Canceled)

May 2020 also saw the cancellation of ABC’s Bless This Mess, which ran for just two seasons. The sitcom featured Dax Shepherd among others, and followed a couple who moved to Nebraska to restore their family’s farm. Despite its homey feel and decent reception, the show did not renew.

Tommy (Canceled)

Edie Falco starred in this police drama on CBS, casted as the first woman police chief in LA. But despite the strong female lead, another procedural drama means a lot of competition on network TV, and other than Falco’s respected acting, the show had little to hold on to.

Schooled (Canceled)

Even though ABC’s The Goldbergs was a notable hit sitcom, the spinoff Schooled unfortunately didn’t fare as well. After just two seasons, the show was pulled after not diversifying enough from the original show, largely relying on acting alone. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to keep it around.

Single Parents (Canceled)

Single Parents was a show exactly about what you think it was – single parents navigating through the ever-challenging twists and turns of life. It was cancelled after two seasons, after the common plot of rehabilitating a single dad into the dating world seems to be worn out. Despite its mature writing, it failed to attract viewers.

Broke (Canceled)

May 2020 saw a ton of cancellations, and the sitcom Broke on CBS was another caught up in the mass extermination. The show, which featured a trust fund, estranged woman who was cut off and reunited with her sister has to reckon with her new reality. However, the show wasn’t hardly successful.

Man With A Plan (Canceled)

Matt LeBlanc starred in this CBS sitcom that made it four seasons before being shut down this past May. A staple comedy for the network over the last few years, it’s a wonder how it made it that long, as critics ripped the bland writing and unimaginative plot almost every season, saying actors were underutilized.

Outmatched (Canceled)

FOX attempted to match the success of Big Bang Theory with Outmatched, which featured a couple raising 3 kids who are certified geniuses. However, the narrative tanked, as the show was let go after just one disappointing season. You could say this series was, well, outmatched.

The Masked Singer (Renewed)

Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ proved to be a ratings topper when it hit our TV screens in January 2019. Since then, fans of the show have watched three seasons of random celebrities singing behind masks. The show only wrapped in May, but Fox knows it’s on to a good thing, and another season is expected to air in fall 2020. The show captivated audiences as the likes of T-Pain, Jesse McCartney, and Wayne Brady showed off their vocal skills to the world.

Carol’s Second Act (Canceled)

In a twist of irony, sitcom ‘Carol’s Second Act’ won’t be getting a second act of its own. Despite having sitcom veteran Patricia Heaton as the lead, ‘Carol’s Second Act’ was cancelled by CBS after just a single season. The network may have hoped the medical sitcom would have performed better in terms of viewer numbers, with the same time slot last year performing much better. Even though it had viewing figures among the multi-millions, ‘Carol’s Second Act’ didn’t do enough to impress CBS bosses to renew it for a second season.

The Mandalorian (Renewed)

Fans of the Star Wars franchise couldn’t wait to get stuck into Disney Plus’ ‘The Mandalorian’ when it was released in 2019. The show seems to have hit the mark for many fans, and Disney Plus feels confident enough to bring a second series to the streaming service. Jon Favreau is the man who created ‘The Mandalorian,’ and he confirmed that the Disney series would be coming back for a second season. It’s also understood that pre-production work has begun on trying to bring a third season to fans.

Swamp Thing (Canceled)

Not long after ‘Swamp Thing’ aired, the DC Universe announced that it would be cancelled. Fans had barely made it through the series premiere before being told it was coming to an end, meaning there wasn’t much point in getting stuck into the series. In general, the DC Universe TV series had been doing well, but ‘Swamp Thing’ bucked that trend after getting canned just days into its initial run. Critic reviews were far from scathing, but rumors of budget issues and creative differences on the creative team led to the early cancelation of this series.

You (Renewed)

When Netflix finds that winning formula with a show, it can become a worldwide sensation. One such show was the psychological drama ‘You,’ starring Penn Badgely as an obsessed book store owner. The show first aired on Showtime, before moving to Netflix to become one of its original content series. Audiences were given the creeps by the show for two seasons, and the streaming giant announced it would be bringing its hit series back for a third round. ‘You’ has a huge social media presence, and it seemed inevitable that it would come back for a third season.

I Love You, America (Canceled)

There is no denying that Sarah Silverman’s ‘I Love You, America’ was a hit with those who watched it. The timeless comedic personality took on current events from all across the United States on her Hulu show. With plenty of notable guests and a ton of fun sketches, it was a recipe for success. Unfortunately, Hulu decided to call it quits due to the viewership figures. Hulu chief, Greg Erwich, said that the network was “proud of what Sarah Silverman did,” but the lack of audience meant it couldn’t stick around.

Stranger Things (Renewed)

Fans of the Netflix horror drama ‘Stranger Things’ were left wondering what was coming after season three aired in July 2019. People wanted to know the fate of their favorite characters, and in February 2020, Netflix dropped a teaser trailer for season four. It looks like we are going to be returning to Hawkins, Indiana, for more misadventures with our favorite teenage heroes. There will at least be a fourth season of ‘Stranger Things,’ but considering the show’s popularity, we may get to enjoy this show for many years to come.

Grand Hotel (Canceled)

It seems that the Eva Longoria-produced ‘Grand Hotel’ won’t be welcoming any new guests for a second season. The series was dropped by ABC after its ratings didn’t manage to stand out from the competition. Sure it was never that badly-rated either, but it wasn’t captivating audiences. The show focused on the lives and adventures of hotel owners and staff based in a Miami Beach hotel. One season was all ‘Grand Hotel’ got, and it has shut its doors before really hitting its stride.

NCIS (Renewed)

CBS hit ‘NCIS’ continues to be one of the most popular shows on television, and it won’t be a huge surprise to many to learn it’s coming back for an 18th season. Not only has ‘NCIS’ been renewed, but its spinoffs ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ will also be making a return to our screens. Mark Harmon leads the cast of ‘NCIS,’ and he has been portraying Leroy Jethro Gibbs since season one, which aired in 2003. CBS knows what it’s getting with ‘NCIS,’ and it seems as though the network isn’t ready to lose its ratings juggernaut.

Fuller House (Canceled)

Well, it was fun while it lasted. ‘Fuller House’ brought the Tanner family back into our lives after rebooting the ‘Full House’ sitcom from years ago. The ‘Fuller House’ cast consisted of some stars of the original series and a host of new actors playing new characters. The reboot had a good run on Netflix, and it is wrapping things up after the second half of the fifth season aired in June. One of the most controversial stars of ‘Fuller House,’ Lori Laughlin did not make an appearance in the show’s final half-season.

Lethal Weapon (Canceled)

Police detective series ‘Lethal Weapon’ will not be coming back for a fourth round after Fox decided to cut ties with the franchise. The series is based on the movies of the same name, which helped make names for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover back in the 1980s. ‘Lethal Weapon’ the series followed our favorite cops, Murtaugh and Riggs, for two seasons before controversy hit the headlines. Main star Clayne Crawford was fired in 2018 for his alleged issues with on-set behavior, with Sean William Scott filling his shoes. Ratings continued to fall, however, and Fox swung its ax.

The Passage (Canceled)

When Fox debuted its thriller series ‘The Passage,’ things seemed to kick off with a bang. The show had good ratings initially, but it ended its maiden season with low viewership numbers. As the ratings continued to decline, it forced Fox to rethink its strategy about the series. The more the ratings dropped, the more likely it was that ‘The Passage’ was losing the light at the end of the tunnel. In the end, Fox decided to cancel the series in May, meaning it won’t be back for a second season.

Ballers (Canceled)

“Ballers” the hit HBO show starring Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player that decides to become a financial manager to help his younger sports stars was cancelled after five seasons. Johnson shared an emotional Instagram video “My heart is full of gratitude to all of you for rocking with us every season. You made us HBO’s highest rated comedy for years and most importantly, you helped create and sustain a platform for other actors to have the opportunity to work hard, grow and become household names.”

Grey’s Anatomy (Renewed)

Medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ continues to be one of the biggest shows on television, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The hit ABC show has been renewed for at least another two seasons, meaning fans will get to see a 17th season of the show. If there is an end to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in sight, it seems as though it’s all down to Ellen Pompeo. The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, said she was willing to keep the show going for as long as Pompeo was willing to be in it.

New Amsterdam (Renewed)

While some shows only get an extra season to prove their worth, NBC decided to show ‘New Amsterdam’ a huge backing by renewing it for a total of three seasons. Even though the show’s second season has recently wrapped, fans of the medical drama series can look forward to three more years of adventures at New Amsterdam Medical Center. Throughout its second season, ‘New Amsterdam’ has maintained healthy ratings with 9.8 million viewers tuning in to watch live. Those numbers were further boosted by delayed viewing, proving to NBC that there is plenty of interest in its medical drama.

Stumptown (Renewed)

Although it wasn’t a huge success in the ratings battle, ABC is willing to give the Colbie Smulders crime drama ‘Stumptown’ one more shot. Season one of the show had a lackluster following from a live television audience, but it’s understood to have performed well with the delayed viewing market. Because people did eventually find some love for ‘Stumptown,’ ABC wants to give it one more shot before pulling the plug. Fans will get a second season to convince the network to stick with the show.

Shrill (Renewed)

It’s not all doom and gloom in the world of television, and one show that lives to fight another day is the comedy series ‘Shrill.’ Hulu is bringing its much-loved series back for a third season as the good reviews from critics continue to roll in throughout season two. The story follows Annie, a journalist who wants to change her life but not her body. When Annie realizes that she’s just as good as everyone else around her regardless of the way she looks, she begins acting on that instinct.

Last Call with Carson Daly (Canceled)

After close to two decades, Carson Daly has decided to walk away from his late-night spot on our televisions. ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ will not be coming back to our screens as the much-loved host has decided to mix things up. Daly explained on his Twitter that he wanted to focus more on ‘The Today Show’ and ‘The Voice.’ The long-time host also suggested he could be interested in bringing some fun new content to The Golf Channel while also spending more time with his family.

Young Sheldon (Renewed)

Although fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ might be missing some of the characters, the spinoff, ‘Young Sheldon,’ at least provides some comfort. This sitcom follows Sheldon Cooper during his young but still brilliant years, and in 2019 the series was signed on for another two series. With the lack of ‘Big Bang Theory’ in people’s lives, there is pressure on ‘Young Sheldon’ to keep that flame alive. Season four of ‘Young Sheldon’ is expected to hit our screens in fall 2020, although due to the current global situation, filming may be difficult and there could be delays.

Trial and Error (Canceled)

Legal drama ‘Trial and Error’ seems to have come to the end of the road after it was announced the second series would be its last. The show starred John Lithgow, Sherri Shepherd, and Nicholas D’Agosto, but even that stellar cast couldn’t save the series from going down. The story follows a seemingly honest lawyer who leaves the bustling world of New York behind to relocate to the slower-paced South Carolina to defend a professor. It may find more success following an appeal as Warner Bros. TV has reportedly been shopping a third series around to other networks.

Speechless (Canceled)

The third season of the popular sitcom ‘Speechless’ had only just ended when ABC announced it would be canceling the show. A month after season three ended, fans of the much-praised comedy series were told there wouldn’t be a fourth. The show starred Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie and was even getting some award show recognition. Despite its success, ‘Speechless’ fans are going to have to say goodbye to one of the most refreshing shows on network television.

The First (Canceled)

Sci-fi series ‘The First’ showed a lot of promise, and it’s all-star cast, including Sean Penn, helped to bring in some initial interest. The series focused on a crew of astronauts as they attempted to become the first humans on the planet Mars. The concept is a popular one, and Hulu had pinned a lot of hopes on the series becoming a breakout hit. Unfortunately for the network ‘The First’ just didn’t get the ratings its big budget required and after one season the show was on a one-way trip off our screens.

Station 19 (Renewed)

The success of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ suggested that the spinoff series ‘Station 19’ would also do pretty well. ABC is seemingly so pleased with how the action drama is performing that the network has signed off on a fourth season of ‘Station 19.’ In fact, season three was ‘Station 19’s best-performing season to date, and the future’s looking good for the cast and crew of the hit spinoff. It’s clearly entertaining the fans, and more of the same winning formula will be in high demand when season four rolls out in 2021.

The Arrowverse (Renewed)

Comic book movies are proving big business at the box office, and it seems they are performing well on the small screen too. Fans of DC Comics got some great news when The CW announced all of the comic-based shows in its roster would be renewed. It means fans of ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Batwoman,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Black Lightning,’ and ‘The Flash’ will continue watching their heroes. The news was broken at the beginning of 2020, and fans of the DC Comics shows won’t have to worry about any unfinished storylines getting cut short.

Counterpart (Canceled)

For now, it seems as though the spy drama ‘Counterpart’ has failed its secret mission. Starz has decided to cancel the TV series after two seasons after the showrunner, Justin Marks, announced ‘Counterpart’ would be leaving the network. Marks, also the show’s creator, did seem optimistic about the show finding a new home on our televisions, so the story may not be over just yet. The showrunner hinted that the ‘Counterpart’ production company, MRC, might be able to “find a way to keep the dream alive.”

Sunnyside (Canceled)

The writing was on the wall for NBC’s comedy ‘Sunnyside’ pretty much from the beginning. The Kal Penn comedy had an underwhelming premiere, and things only got worse from that moment. Of the freshman broadcast during that season, ‘Sunnyside’ had performed as one of the worst in the ratings. After the show debuted in September, NBC decided to cancel it in October. There was no recovery for this comedy as the remainder of its shows were transferred to the NBC app and website.

Sorry For Your Loss (Canceled)

Facebook Watch seems prepared to accept that the scripted shows it came to the table with aren’t cutting it, with ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ being a casualty of a strategy change. Much of the streaming platform’s content is being pared back, and this drama starring Elizabeth Olsen won’t be seeing a third season. The show focuses on Olsen as a young widow, and while it received positive reviews from critics, there hasn’t been enough buzz to keep the show on the road.

The Deuce (Canceled)

The 1970s-set ‘The Deuce’ had a pretty modest following and always had solid reviews. Despite a general good feeling toward the show, HBO didn’t feel the need to extend the series beyond a third season. The series had some A-list names among the cast members, with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco being the standout stars. ‘The Deuce’ concluded its story in October 2019 with the writers wrapping up the storyline to dot as many I’s and cross as many T’s as possible.

Proven Innocent (Canceled)

Fox didn’t seem to have too much room for the legal drama ‘Proven Innocent,’ and it was cancelled not long after the first season finale aired. Although Kelsey Grammar was a huge name among the cast, his name alone wasn’t enough to convince fans to tune in. The show was received fairly badly by critics, and that translated to a low level of viewers. Just one day after the ‘Proven Innocent’ finale, Fox made an announcement that it would be cancelled.

Lodge 49 (Canceled)

After a strong first season, the comedy-drama ‘Lodge 49’ earned a second season, which was also received well. Despite the show seeming to do well with the critics, with viewership figures at less than one million per episode, AMC decided to cancel ‘Lodge 49.’ It means there will be no third season of the show despite its fresh approach to making a TV show. AMC claimed it was proud to have had ‘Lodge 49’ on its network, but it won’t be continuing the adventure of its unforgettable characters.

Pearson (Canceled)

The ‘Suits’ spinoff, ‘Pearson’ didn’t have enough of a following to keep the legal drama franchise on the USA Network. ‘Suits’ had gathered a huge following over the years, and the legal drama’s spinoff, ‘Pearson,’ was expected to do well with Gina Torres at the helm. Unfortunately, it only ran for 10 episodes before being dropped by USA Network. ‘Pearson’ struggled to gather even half of the audience ‘Suits’ had brought in, which made it one of the lowest-rated shows in USA Network’s catalog.

The Fix (Canceled)

Former prosecutor turned TV producer Marcia Clark brought legal drama ‘The Fix’ to our screens in 2019. The show followed the life of an attorney who was given the second chance of prosecuting a celebrity eight years after failing to send him down the first time. Robin Tunney was the face of the Los Angeles-based series, but ABC decided to cancel it shortly before its season finale aired. ‘The Fix’ received an average rating by the critics, and that meant it never hit the heights expected by ABC.

Legion (Canceled)

Sometimes a TV series can be well-received, yet commercially it doesn’t perform well. FX’s ‘X-Men’ spinoff enjoyed three seasons but struggled to pull in many viewers. Even though it had solid ratings from the critics, FX called time on ‘Legion.’ The story followed David Haller, a strong mutant portrayed by Dan Stevens. There were many guests throughout the three seasons of ‘Legion,’ but no matter how much FX advertised the series, people didn’t tune in. Having a strong cast and creative storytelling method wasn’t enough to keep ‘Legion’ on the air beyond three seasons.

Truth Be Told (Renewed)

Apple picked up the anthology drama series ‘Truth Be Told’ in 2019, and it seems as though the show proved successful enough for a sequel. ‘Truth Be Told’ has some pretty big names among the cast, including Octavia Spencer, Lizzie Caplin, and Aaron Paul. Octavia Spencer will be reprising her role in the second series as her podcaster character picks up a new case to crack. Despite average ratings from critics, it seems there is enough fan interest in this series to keep Apple coming back for more.

The InBetween (Canceled)

NBC decided to cancel the supernatural drama ‘The InBetween’ after just one season. The show starred Harriet Dyer and Justin Cornwell, but the writing was on the wall for the series from the get-go. The news of its cancellation wasn’t unexpected for those working behind the scenes, as many of them had already begun to work on new projects. Ratings are thought to be the main reason for the show getting canned after one season, with NBC no longer willing to pump money into ‘The InBetween.’

Nightflyers (Canceled)

Perhaps before ‘Game of Thrones’ unraveled into a huge disappointment, it would have been smart for SyFy to gamble on another George R. R. Martin’s projects. ‘Nightflyers’ is another tale from Martin, but the investment in the big-budget sci-fi series didn’t pan out. The show was full of ambition, but it became a white elephant due to its low ratings. There had been early plans on making ‘Nightflyers’ a multi-season story, but after the series was unable to make waves in the crowded market, it got cancelled.

Channel Zero (Canceled)

Horror anthology series ‘Channel Zero’ will no longer be shown on SyFy after the network cancelled the show. The showrunner, Nick Antosca, gave fans the bad news via social media after he shared artwork from across the show’s entire four seasons. Antosca announced that ‘Channel Zero’ would no longer be at SyFy, although it seems as though the door may be open in the future to the show making a comeback. While Antosca was disappointed the show was coming to an end, the showrunner said he can’t complain too much about doing four stories that he loved.

Splitting Up Together (Canceled)

It seems there is no chance for a reconciliation between ‘Splitting Up Together’ and ABC. This sitcom put together a star-studded cast, including its two main stars Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, but it failed to make audiences laugh much. Without much of a following, ABC had to pull the plug on one of its lowest-rated comedy series. The story focused on a couple that decided to stay living together despite finalizing their divorce. ‘Splitting Up Together’ had two seasons to make the premise stick, but it didn’t get the ratings required of a hit ABC show.

Murphy Brown (Canceled)

It’s not uncommon for a rebooted show to do well, but generally, things can get rough the second time around for a beloved series. Candice Bergen stepped back into the shoes of ‘Murphy Brown’ after several years away, and things started off pretty well. During the original run of the series, Bergen had won five Emmys but after just 13 episodes of the rebooted series, CBS pulled the plug. Things had started well enough, but the decline in the ratings meant curtains for the returning sitcom.

Veep (Finished)

Fans of the political comedy ‘Veep’ will have to come to terms with saying goodbye to their favorite characters from the HBO series. Production of the seventh season was delayed to give Selina Meyers actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus time to undergo treatment for cancer. Fans got to see ‘Veep’ one last time in March 2019 as Selina tried her best to get back into the Oval Office. The seven episodes of season seven were the last fans will be seeing of the ‘Veep’ cast as we know them.

Poldark (Finished)

Historical romance drama ‘Poldark’ aired its final season in 2019 after five years on PBS. The show and its cast members all shared some emotional photographs on social media as they wrapped filming in 2019. ‘Poldark’ was a big hit in the UK where it originally aired, and that success translated across the Atlantic. The story follows the main character upon his return to the United Kingdom after his involvement in the American War of Independence in 1783.

Modern Family (Finished)

Unlike many TV shows that change networks, ‘Modern Family’ was able to stick around for several seasons more following its move to the USA Network from ABC. Fans of the show grew to love each character over its 11 seasons, and it finally aired its last episode in spring 2020. Ratings had always remained steady for ‘Modern Family,’ and much of the cast remained the same over the ten years it was on air. ‘Modern Family’ won many awards during its 11 seasons and received praise for how it tackled many of today’s issues in family life.

iZombie (Finished)

The CW stumbled onto a good thing when it brought ‘iZombie’ to its network. The show brought us a zombie story unlike we had ever seen before, in the form of a police procedural drama. Star Rose McIver tweeted to her fans explaining that the fifth season of ‘iZombie’ would be the last one. The show wasn’t cancelled but had run its course, and the story was wrapped up in the 13-episode final season. Ratings were never amazing for the show, but it earned a loyal fanbase over the years.

Elementary (Finished)

Sherlock Holmes has proven to be a captivating detective for over 100 years, as seven seasons of ‘Elementary’ only further proved. The crime drama starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu came to a conclusion after season seven, with no more episodes in the pipeline for the future. It means that the hugely successful CBS procedural drama will be leaving a detective-shaped hole in some people’s lives. The show was well-received by critics who seemed to enjoy its novel approach to the source material written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle initially in the 1800s.

The Good Place (Finished)

Some shows are just very difficult to say goodbye to. ‘The Good Place’ has developed a huge following since it first hit our screens in 2016. NBC brought the TV series to American audiences, while Netflix took care of broadcasting it internationally. The show’s creator, Mike Schur, explained to fans that he had only envisioned ‘The Good Place’ lasting four seasons. After season four aired in 2019 with an additional 14th episode, it was time to say goodbye to the beloved characters who inhabited The Good Place.

The Man in the High Castle (Finished)

Dystopian drama series ‘The Man in the High Castle’ was one of the early successes on Amazon’s streaming service, but it came to an end in 2019 following the fourth season. The show is a retelling of history following an alternate ending to the Second World War. It has been a huge hit since its first season debuted in 2015, and the showrunners felt as though the time had come to wrap the story up. The actors and crew were informed that it would be the final one during filming for the fourth season.

The Big Bang Theory (Finished)

Fans of the CBS mega-hit ‘The Big Bang Theory’ had a good run. The much-loved sitcom ran for 13 seasons, making household names of its stars. The show couldn’t run forever, especially as some of the cast wanted to do other things with their careers. Jim Parsons was the first to break, and his decision to leave the show seemed like the right time for it all to come to an end. The main cast members were earning over $1 million per episode in the rating juggernaut, but 2019 was the year we said goodbye to our favorite geeks.

The Affair (Finished)

They say all good things must come to an end, and Showtime’s award-winning drama ‘The Affair’ has run its course. Showtime does claim that ‘The Affair’ was only slated to run for five seasons, and with the fifth season wrapping up in 2019, fans won’t be seeing a sixth. Fans thought ‘The Affair’ might have more life in it after Anna Paquin joined the cast and Joshua Jackson left, but the show is officially over. The intense drama gripped viewers around the world, and those fans will be scrambling for something else to sink their teeth into.