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Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older



Everybody likes appearing older when they’re young, but in later stages of your life it can be downright insulting. Nobody in adulthood wants to give off the impression that they’re a decade older than they actually are, and yet they make so many mistakes with their attire that accomplishes exactly that.
Good fashion can conceal many personal flaws and blemishes; bad fashion can very easily expose many of those same flaws and imperfections. For the majority of people, however, there are so many bad fashion practices and common mistakes they’re making on a daily basis, and they don’t even realize it.


Even people in their 20s look instantly older when they wear capris. They’re baggy, unflattering to the figure, and give off the illusion that your legs are shorter and wider than they actually are. Not to mention how they either look like pants that are trying desperately to be shorts, or shorts that are desperately trying to be pants. Whatever the case, “desperate” is not a term you want associated with your attire.

Open Shoes With Socks

For as long as there have been old men there have been open shoes worn with socks. It’s one of the tackiest fashion trends that has simply never managed to be bucked. It’s simple: if it’s cold enough for socks, then it isn’t warm enough for sandals or Crocs (coincidentally that rhymes, but maybe it’ll be easier to remember). If winter is still lingering but you’re ready for summer, don a nice pair of sneakers with those socks. If summer’s in full swing and you’re ready for flip flop season, then forget the socks – unless you actually want to add 40 years to your look.

Excessive Floral Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with wearing nature’s prettiest creation as a pattern, but there’s a point where it goes from classy to resembling Mrs. Doubtfire. Everything should be done in moderation, and going full floral isn’t an example of that. Instead of dressing head to toe in flower patterns, try accessorizing with a couple accent pieces or one larger statement piece. Or perhaps try a more tropical flower instead of the old standard.

Gaudy Jewelry

Unless you’re trying to look like Dame Edna, wearing gaudy and/or excessive jewelry will vastly age you and drag down your entire look. Minimization is the key, whereas a plethora of chunky rings, bracelets, and necklaces just look too busy and overwhelming. Keep it simple and classy!

Scarf-Wrapped Bun

Unless you’re going through chemotherapy, it’s probably best to wear your scarves around the neck. It’s a dated look that’s also damaging to your hair. Not only do they draw much-needed moisture away from the hair strands, but tightly-wrapped scarves can also pull on the roots and potentially lead to hair loss and breakage.

Plain Clothing

Dressing too conservatively is a sure-fire way to make you look nearly twice as old. Just because you’re not in your 20s anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little flair to your outfit. If all-black turtlenecks are your go-to, then you need to go with something else. Especially during the summer months when covering yourself entirely in long sleeves and floor length dresses will just look odd on top of being extremely uncomfortable.

Dressing Too Tightly

While most of us want to feel thin, ignoring your proportions when it comes to your style is a grave mistake. Most people aren’t as in shape as they’d like to be (especially after months of staying home), but dressing like you’re thin when you’re not just comes off as desperate. If styled correctly, even a plain top from Walmart can look far more stylish and flattering than tight-form clothing that accentuates parts of your body that you probably don’t want accentuated.

Powder Makeup

Applying powdered makeup remains one of the most outdated fashion trends of them all. Not only does it dry out your skin, but it has a habit of highlighting every crease on your face, essentially defeating the purpose of makeup in the first place! Instead, opt for cream and liquid makeup, as well as a good primer that will conceal those lines instead of making them stand out.

Wearing Tweed

There was once upon a time when tweed was considered the height of casual fashion, but those times are no longer. Even the younger generation has tried implementing tweed into their wardrobe and it still doesn’t work. Unless you’re going for the London chimney sweep look, it’s best to remove tweed altogether from your closet. If you are going for the old-timey distinguished look, then try implementing some pinstripes in your daily attire.

Clunky Shoewear

Listen, we get it. The more unfashionable the shoe, the more comfortable it’s likely to be. But there are ways to be fashionable and functional without giving the impression that you’re wearing buckets on your feet. Chunky shoes like this only make your legs look thick and stumpy, whereas a more sleek shoe will de-age you by at least 20 years (or at least it’ll de-age the lower half of your body).

Poofy Hair

While this style of hair was all the rage back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, times have changed for the better – and that includes hair care. We now know that trying to add too much volume to your hair can be quite damaging. Leave the frizz to Dolly Parton and try going with a style that isn’t immediately going to scream to every person who sees you “I haven’t changed my style in several decades.”

Heavy Makeup

To this day makeup still remains a trusty asset for women, but you can absolutely take it too far. Some blemish and concealer to hide the wrinkles is totally fine, but unless you have a personal makeup artist putting on your face everyday then you run the severe risk of going out looking like your foundation was caked on by a circus clown. Instead, try experimenting with some natural concealers or even a tinted moisturizer.

Exposed Undergarments

While in very certain instances revealing undergarments can be somewhat attractive, if not done properly it just comes off as frumpy. Tight-fitting clothing (and stretchy exercise pants especially) that doesn’t conform to your natural body shape will have the opposite effect of sexy. There are times you can wear tighter clothing without it betraying what you’re wearing underneath, such as with denim.

Over-Plucked Eyebrows

The paper-thin eyebrows look is a thing of the past. Thicker, more natural eyebrows signal youthfulness, whereas the plucked and waxed look will greatly age you. If you’re looking to add some bushiness to those brows, apply a generous amount of brow gel every day and watch your youthfulness return to your eyes.

Outdated Accessories

Personal accessories can immediately betray your age to the world. If you’re wearing a brooch that your great grandmother would have worn, then that’s the age range that people will immediately associate you with. Just because it worked for Margaret Thatcher doesn’t mean that non-updated apparel will work for you. If you like a little flash with your outfit, try going with something a little more discreet and more modern.

Always Wearing Long Sleeves

Most people aren’t a fan of their arm flab, but in all honesty people aren’t really paying any attention to it. Trying to conceal your arms and being the only one wearing long sleeves will bring more attention to you than your arm flab will. Plus it’ll betray your age. If you genuinely like the long sleeve look, however, there are alternatives to the common blouse. Three-quarter length sleeves or bell sleeves are a great place to start.


There will never be a time when wearing anything denim on your legs that aren’t jeans will be flattering… or fashionable. Jean shorts will always remain the butt of every old person joke. If it’s too hot for jeans, then wearing denim won’t be that much cooler. Instead, opt for a nice pair of khakis or some stylish board shorts.

Dying Your Hair Grey

Sick of trying to keep up with the trendy hairstyle? Well, the answer certainly isn’t to dye your hair grey, in any capacity. All it does is age you more, and tell people you’ve given up looking fashionable and accepted looking old. Don’t fall into this trap! Continue with whatever style you’re enjoying.

Covering Your Neck

It’s understandable that you’d desire to cover any pesky wrinkles or fat that inevitably will show themselves with age, but that’s all part of aging. What will look stuffy and out of place are turtlenecks, though. A classy V-neck will look infinitely better, or even a nice collared shirt. They’re modest and will still draw attention away from your neck.

Excessive Animal Print

If you’re going to delve into the world of animal print, best to tread with caution. While animal print can act as a very distinguished accent piece, it can also tip the balance if used in excess and give off the distinct appearance of a much older woman who doesn’t know when enough is enough.

Going Too Boho

Inspired by the hippy style, boho chic has become increasingly popular among people who want their fashion to be as free flowing as their personality. But all too many older people adopt this style and take it to the extreme in their effort to tell the world they’re still young. Ultimately the only message they send out is “I’m trying to dress like a cool mom” and it usually comes off as desperate. If you do like the more natural look, however, then try dressing in some natural, earthy tones that will compliment your age instead of trying to conceal it.

Dressing In All Black

While wearing black can provide the “slimming effect,” it can also wash out your complexion. And as skin naturally lightens as it ages, dressing in too much black can become not-so-appealing. Not to mention the fact that dressing in all black is usually an indication of a funeral – not the image you want people to associate with you.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

There’s a reason why sunscreen was invented, and it wasn’t to prevent people from getting gorgeously tan. While garnering a nice coconut brown tan is always desirable, not using enough or any sunscreen can seriously damage your skin. As skin ages, it becomes less resilient to UV light, and thus an hour too long in the sun can result in some serious age spots.

Plain Pantyhose

Outside of being used in a purely professional capacity, pantyhose look flattering on no one – regardless of age. They’re so outdated at this point that they’re mostly associated with the vintage era. A long, flowing skirt will look infinitely more stylish without making you look like you just came from a wake.

Asymmetrical Haircuts

While this style once had its day in the sun, that time has long passed. Today, this style has become so synonymous with entitled older women that it’s been dubbed the “Karen haircut.” There are certainly other styles for shorter hair that don’t drudge up negative implications. Ask your stylist what would work best for your facial features.


Like so many other styles, tight denim just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to casual wear. While they’re certainly a more comfortable option for summer than full denim, jeggings are considered a tacky option and are more than certainly going to age you up. Instead of trying to make jeans fit for the hot season, just go with some sporty looking athleisure pieces or some high quality yoga pants.

Cheap Eyewear

If you’re going to your local grocery store to get your prescription eyewear, then that’s your first mistake. While those frames may be cheap, they’re also referred to as “granny glasses” for a reason. Just because glasses are functional doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable as well. You likely wouldn’t walk into a souvenir shop and pick out any shirt that fits you, so don’t do the same thing with glasses.

Large Handbags

While carrying around luggage-sized handbags used to be the rage, purses have slimmed down in more recent years. As such, lugging around a purse that looks like you’re off to the beach is no longer in vogue. If you like having utility options, however, there are other options such as totes that offer the space but at half the size.

Wearing Baggy Clothing

Some people make the mistake of thinking that form-fitting attire looks bad, and they’d be mistaken. Bear in mind that there’s a large difference between form-fitting and tight clothing! People who purchase oversized clothing are only making themselves look instantly older while simultaneously doing their bodies a huge disservice.

Not Sticking To a Skincare Routine

Everybody knows the rhetoric about making yourself look younger by taking care of your skin, but it’s only so common because it’s so true. People who establish a consistent skincare routine in their 20s will notice huge differences later in life compared to people who don’t take care of their skin. You don’t even have to go overboard with it – just a little eye cream and moisturizer before going to bed can preserve your skin’s more youthful quality for decades to come. Even if you didn’t start in your 20s, don’t worry. It’s never too late to take care of yourself.

Excessive Blush

Most people would agree that blush is one of the more difficult aspects of cosmetics to get right. Too little and it’s ineffective, too much and it ages you on the spot. So many people make the mistake of going too heavy on the blush thinking that it’ll hide their blemishes and make them appear younger, when in actuality it’s doing the exact opposite.

White Pants

The color white is usually considered the color of formality, but it’s actually pretty difficult to pull off. When it comes to pants, however, the color white should be used sparingly… at best. Not only are white pants extremely susceptible to showing off the slightest stains and smudges, but it also has the opposite effect of the color black’s slimming abilities. Unless you’re doing a photoshoot at the beach, it’s probably best to leave those white pants in the closet.

High-Cut Swimwear

Unless you can genuinely pull off the Pamela Anderson in Baywatch look, it’s probably time to go with a swimsuit that’s more fitting for your age and body type. If you absolutely won’t part with this style, though, then perhaps go with a slight high-cut that doesn’t expose every bone in your hip. Trying to dress too young can more often than not have the opposite effect.

Strong Perfumes

Every single person has experienced what it’s like to be in the same room as someone wearing pungent, obnoxious perfume. And 99% of the time it’s always an older person who is the offender. Granny perfume is one the most classic aspects of the elderly generation. While a nice signature scent can say a lot about you as a person, you don’t want people in the grocery store smelling it from two aisles over.

Never Wearing Heels

It’s understandable why very few women like wearing heels. They’re terribly uncomfortable compared to a nice pair of sandals or slip-ons. But avoiding heels altogether is a mistake that all too many people make. You don’t have to go for high heels, but even just a one or two inch heel can provide just enough casual elegance.

Unflattering Colors

Not every color is going to look good against your personal skin tone. Generally people with cooler undertones should stick with cooler colors and vice versa. Experimenting with which hues work best on you is important if you want to choose flattering colors. Just make sure not to purchase an entire wardrobe comprised of those colors, but rather use them as accent pieces.