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Amazing Old Photos From The Wild West



The Wild West was a time of range wars, railroad wars, lawless desperadoes, vigilante law men, and Cowboys and Indians strife. Given little attention during these years, however, are the things that just regular working class people were up to.
Farmers, fishers, homesteaders, housewives, and laborers. Click NEXT to enjoy a rare look at civilian life in the wild west.

San Francisco, California

Moored schooners masts form a wall around the dock (1900).

Shoshone Canyon And Falls, Idaho

A member of Clarence King’s Geological Exploration of the 40th Parallel, surveying from atop a boulder (1868).

Red Buttes, Wyoming

A noon meal in Ferdinand V. Hayden’s camp of the U.S. Geological Survey (1870).

John Doyle’s Ranch, Arizona

An Arizona Poker Party (1887).

Round Pond, Oklahoma

At Work In McDonalds Brickyard (1894).

Holbrook, Arizona

Some of Aztecs Punchers, Aztec Land & Cattle Company (1877).

Baird, California

Dragnet Fishing, or Seine-haul fishing (1908.)

Nueces River, Texas

A band of Apache Indian prisoners, at a rest stop beside the Southern Pacific Railway (1886).

Winslow, Arizona

Atlantic and Pacific Railway cars on converging tracks (1890).

Forest Grove, Oregon

Blacksmithing at the Indian Training School (1882).

Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota

Brigadier General, Nelson A. Miles viewing a hostile Indian camp (1891).

Witchita National Forest, Oklahoma

Buffalo grazing near the buffalo yards (1908).

Black Hills, Dakota Territories

Cinching and loading a pack mule with flour during starvation march of General George Crook’s expedition into the Black Hills (1876).

Ortonville, Minnesota

Civil war veterans on the 4th of July (1880).

Oklahoma Territory

Claims bought and sold, attorneys and surveyors stand in front of a U.S. Land Office (1894).

Clifton, Arizona

Built by the original owners of the copper mines at Clifton, the Lezinsky Bros. (1881).

Pike’s Peak, Colorado

Climbing Pike’s Peak, Colorado, in winter, rounding Windy Point (1890).

San Carlos, Arizona

Co. 10th Infantry, crossing the Gila river in buckboard wagons (1885).

Reno, Nevada

Campaigning from an open touring car decorated with American flags (1910).

Plains Of Dakota Territory

Column of cavalry, artillery, and wagons, commanded by General George A. Custer (1874).

Fort Keogh, Montana

A crude building under construction at Fort Keogh (1889).

Arizona Territory

Dedication ceremonies of the Roosevelt Dam (1911).

West Of Omaha, Nebraska

The train awaits the party of Eastern capitalists, newspapermen, and other prominent figures invited by the railroad executives (1866).

Canyon de Chelle, Arizona

A member of the Wheeler Expedition sketching ancient ruins in the lower part of Canyon De Chelle (1873).

Dodge City, Kansas

Left to right; Chas Bassett, W.H. Harris, Wyatt Earp, Luke Short, L. McLean, Bat Masterson, Neal Brown (1890).

Indian Territory, Oklahoma

Drawing rations at the agency on issue day, Indians form a line while officers wives and issuing agent stand in center with sacks of flower at Camp Supply (1871).

Humboldt River Canyon, Nevada

Campsite and train of the Central Pacific Railroad at the foot of the mountains (1868).

New Mexico Territory

A family poses with dog, Indian domestic, and young children outside a log cabin (1895).

San Francisco, California

Italian fishermen mending nets on wharf at foot of Union Street. Boats are lined up on the wharf for painting and repairs (1891).

San Francisco, California

Circular crab nets and large fish nets are spread out to dry. A three masted ship is on the horizon and small feluccas thrust protruding masts and raffs above the wharf’s railing (1891).

Sacramento, California

Frank E. Webner, rider for the Pony Express (1861).

Prescott, Arizona

Fred. W. Loring in his campaign costume, taken about 48 hours before he was murdered by Apache-Mohaves (1871).

Oklahoma Territory

Children doing their chores, gathering Apples, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Grapes, and Melons on an Oklahoma farm (1900).

Fort Laramie, Wyoming

General William T. Sherman and commissioners in council with Indian chiefs at Fort Laramie (1867).

Camp Apache, Arizona Territory

General landscape view of the corral and surrounding area (1877).

Goldhill, Nevada

General view of the town and mines (1867)

Near The Mexican Border

Government pack mules, with packers (1883).

Sun River, Montana

Little girl feeding chickens against background of house, buckboard wagon, and ridge of plateau (1910).

Great Sioux Reservation, Dakota Territories

Horse-drawn stretcher carrying a wounded man from the Battle of Slim Buttes (1876).

Little Heart River, Dakota Territories

Hunting and camping party of Custer and invited guests at Fort A. Lincoln (1875).

Corvallis, Oregon

In Wind Cave, 350 ft. below the surface of Odd Fellows Hall (1897).

Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Indian reception of President Chester A. Arthur at Fort Washakie (1883).

Eastern Oregon

Men working on the Umatilla reclamation project in Eastern Oregon. Horse-drawn carts, a train, and a crane are diverse technological applications in this irrigation project (1907).

Aquarius Plateau, Utah

John K. Hillers, photographer with the John Wesley Powell Geological Survey, working with his negatives (1872).

Promontory, Utah

The joining of the tracks for the first transcontinental railroad (1869)

Ft. Snelling Minnesota

Junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, headquarters of the 25th infantry (1886).

Yosemite Valley, California

The first built in Yosemite Valley, men sitting on top of stumps in front of their finished product (1895).

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, passengers arrive and stage coaches are met by other vacationers on the hotel veranda (1899)

Virginia City, Nevada

Miners working inside the comstock mine (1867)

Lewistown, Montana

A Montana ranch, near Lewistown, used for mining or stock raising (1872).

Mormon Lake, Arizona

Covered wagon caravan of Mormon Emigrants (1879).

Mormon Lake, Arizona

Two women and their small children pose before a building at what is now known as Mormon Lake (1887).

Washington Territory

N. P. Railway, shipping their first cargo of halibut caught in Pugent Sounds by crew of schooner (1888).

Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Officers in a tent preparing food over an open fire (1890).

Orena, Nevada

Montezuma silver smelting works. Ox teams and men resting (1867).

Arizona Territory

Ox train used to transport supplies (1883).

Kearney, Nebraska

Parade of U.S. Infantry (1888).

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

A man with parts of his wagon and equipment on the muddy floor of Canyon De Chelly, Navajo Reservation (1903).

West Of Omaha, Nebraska

Press representatives accompanying the Excursion Party (1866).

West Of Rio Grande, Mexican Border

Rebuilding Monument 40, under the direction of the U.S. section of the International Boundary Commission (1892).

San Francisco, California

Reeling up a gill net to dry (1891).

Arizona Territory

The residence of G.L. Rule, sod building and cabin in the background, family in the foreground (1898).

South Dakota

The return of Casey’s scouts from the fight at Wounded Knee (1890).

Genessee, Kansas

A cowboy with his lasso ready, looks beyond the herd on the open range to his fellow cowpunchers waiting on the horizon (1902).

Fort Custer, Montana

Saber Exercises, Troop List Cavalry, an Indian troop of U.S. soldiers (1892).

Monterey, California

Sardine industry, wharf and sun dry process (1908).

Little Big Horn River, Montana

Scene of General Custers last stand, looking in the direction of the ford and Indian village (1877).

Fort Keogh, Montana

A skating party underway, at Fort Keogh (1889).

Fort Ringgold, Texas

Steamer Bessie on the Rio Grande River at Fort Ringgold, en route to Brownsville (1890).

Fort Keogh, Montana

The Good Old Days Canteen at Fort Keogh (1890).

Beaver Head River, Montana

The overland stage road between Ogden and Helena crossing the Beaver Head River at Point of Rocks (1871).

Bismark, North Dakota

The Rosebud, historic old Missouri River boat that went up the River from Bismark, N.D. to Coalbanks in Montana (1878).

East Fork Rivers, Wyoming

En route with pack train upon the trail between the Yellowstone and East Fork rivers (1871).

Carson Desert, Nevada

Timothy O’Sullivan’s ambulance wagon and portable darkroom, used during the King Survey rolls across the sand dunes (1867).

Brown’s Basin, Arizona Territory

Trappers and hunters in the Four Peaks country on Brown’s Basin. (1908).

Oklahoma Territory

Troop C. 5th Cavalry, which arrested boomers and squatters (1888).

Sun River, Montana

Turning over the first sod on the homestead (1908).

Overland Trails, California

Typical stage of the Concord type, used by express companies on the overland trails, soldiers guard from atop (1869).

Black Hills, Dakota Territories

Surgeon and topographer, Valentine T. McGillycuddy, on hunger march with General Crook’s expedition to the Black Hills (1876).

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Villa Of Brule, the great hostile Indian camp on River Brule near Pine Ridge (1891).

Wyoming Territory

A wooden jailhouse in the Wyoming territory (1893).