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Famous 70’s Actresses Then And Now



Working in Hollywood all your life is undoubtedly tough work, and it’s likely that a lot of the expectations and pressure gets to a lot of stars the longer they’re in the industry. And while only a select few get better with age, even less are fortunate to still look good doing it, too.
While the demands of stardom surely still take their toll on these celebs, they’ve aged like fine wine. Not only are they just as talented, they also have an impervious glow and beauty about them we can all only wish for. Read ahead to see which Hollywood vets are still gorgeous today!

Jane Seymour

Currently 70 years old, the lovely Jane Seymour has always been beautiful. Back in her younger days, her stunning looks landed her a role as a Bond girl in Live and Let Die in 1973.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress known for her beauty and international stardom. Now 86 years old, she is aging gracefully, and still gorgeous!

Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset is a 76-year-old English actress who got her start in the biz by modeling. It’s not hard to see why! Even at 76 she has a smolder that you don’t come by every day!

Helen Mirren

English actress Helen Mirren has always been indisputably beautiful. She was never shy in front of the camera when she was young, and at 75 years old, that still hasn’t changed! As she has matured, so have her strikingly good looks.

Sally Field

Multi-talented and beautiful actress Sally Field is known around the world for both her beauty and acting flexibility with complicated characters. Beautiful then and equally as gorgeous now, the 74-year-old stunner hasn’t slowed down a bit!

Cybill Shepherd

Once a beauty, always a beauty. Actress, singer, and former model Cybill Shepherd still has everything going for her at 71 years old. The only difference we see is a bit more wisdom behind that shy smile.

Shirley MacLaine

Actress Shirley MacLaine is known for her superb acting skills and beautiful pout. Now 86 years old, she still flashes a dazzling smile for the cameras on a regular basis.

Jessica Lange

Even at 71, actress Jessica Lange hasn’t slowed her roll a bit! Gorgeous then and still smokin’ now, she continues to act as though she hasn’t aged a day. No one seems to mind!

Diane Keaton

Not much has changed with now 75-year-old actress Diane Keaton since she became a fixture in our film lives in 1970. A natural beauty and talented actress, director and producer, she’s certainly not hard on the eyes!

Martha Stewart

This world-famous 79-year-old TV personality and businesswoman is definitely one for the books. Beautiful, talented, and a GREAT cook make up a timeless recipe for beauty and grace. Martha Stewart is difficult to beat!

Maggie Smith

Beloved everywhere by Harry Potter and Downton Abbey fans alike, Maggie Smith is a timeless beauty whose stellar looks can’t be denied by anyone. The epitome of grace and class, this 86-year-old actress is still going strong.

Faye Dunaway

Gorgeous hardly seems to cover it when it comes to the young Faye Dunaway. Her sultry pout and “come hither” eyes are still there on her now-80-year-old mug. The actress is certainly not afraid of flashing her charming smile, even today.

Ursula Andress

First ever Bond girl Ursula Andress was the definition of a sex symbol in her younger days. Today at 84, she is still going strong and looking beautiful as she continues to live a life of luxury and stardom.

Raquel Welch

Actress and singer Raquel Welch was a definite stunner when she was younger, famous for her doe-skin bikini shots that made her an instant celebrity sex symbol. Nowadays at 80 years old, she looks like she’s 45 and still killing it with her flawless looks.

Catherine Bach

Known for portraying Daisy Duke in the TV show Dukes of Hazzard, Catherine Bach was so idolized for her beauty when she was young that while filming for the TV show, her legs were insured for $1 million. Now she could still be insured for that much, even at age 67!

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is a name nearly everyone familiar with film knows, especially in the U.S. The actress has always been famed for her gorgeous looks and unique eyebrows. Today, she’s 55 and still drop-dead gorgeous.

Diana Rigg

Actress Diana Rigg has never had trouble when it comes to acting and being beautiful. If her age has affected her appearance in any way, it has simply added grace and further class. This beauty owns who she is, even at age 82.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is one of those actresses that will never be forgotten. Always claiming such poise and grace, she was a looker when she was younger and it has only intensified as she’s grown older. The 71-year-old stunner is still winning beauty contests!

Katey Sagal

The Sons of Anarchy actress has hardly changed a bit in the last 30 years! Currently 67 years old, Katey Sagal still looks just as youthful and pretty as ever.

Betty White

Betty White is beloved by all American moviegoers and TV-watchers. She was once a strapping young charmer with a twinkle in her eye. Now at 99, she still acts exactly the same, and the same twinkle can be found in her eyes all the time.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a timeless beauty. Her large doe-eyes will never go out of style, and neither will she. Even at 74 years old, she still attends premieres and functions, and she’s STILL making movies!

Ann Margret

The Swedish-American actress, Ann Margret, is just as beautiful today as she was 30 years ago. Time has clearly not affected this classic beauty, even at 79 years old.

Erin Moran

Happy Days star Erin Moran is looking as fresh-faced and beautiful as she always has, even though she’s 60! We can see a bit of mischief behind those eyes–she still knows how to work it!

Sissy Spacek

Hollywood star Sissy Spacek is still fiery hot, even at 71 years old. The original Carrie star makes her freckles work for her, and we think they make her look even younger and more beautiful than ever!

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is and was always absolutely beyond-words breathtaking. Her beauty has matured a bit now that she’s 83, but it certainly never left her.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter, AKA Wonder Woman, is quite possibly the most beautiful 69-year-old actress out there. Drop dead gorgeous at 24, she’s still potentially lethal today, and very likely to make you do a double take when you find out how old she actually is.

Lucy Lawless

The warrior princess has always been a looker, and she still rocks that Amazonian Xena vibe at age 52. Not everyone can so easily pull off those metal and leather looks, but then again, Lucy Lawless has never had a problem with that!

Barbara Bach

Former Bond girl Barbara Bach is a looker across the board. Great skin, hair, doe-eyed innocence, and plump lips are a recipe for gorgeous. At 73, she’s still got all of the above–and then some!

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer, the iconic go-to for beauty references. Breathtaking at a ridiculously young age, the actress has learned to flaunt her best features even at 62, and only gets sexier with age.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn must have the secret to youth. She looked amazing before she ever truly hit adulthood, and she still rocks it now. At 75, she still looks fabulous.

Jodie Foster

This stunning 58-year-old has looks that are a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a successful actress with room to grow even more famous, she is also incredibly good-looking, even today.

Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild is a national sex symbol and a straight-up stunner when it comes to her looks. She has always been gorgeous, but if it’s even possible, she seems to have become ever more beautiful with age. The actress is currently 71 years old.

Olivia Newton-John

The Grease star is STILL incredibly gorgeous for her age of 72 years. Olivia Newton-John is an iconic symbol for beauty in the rawest of forms. Sandra Dee is still rocking!