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McLaren Will Debut Full-Size LEGO 720S at Goodwood



The 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed is right around the corner. With all types of brands, makes and models from throughout the world. This is the ultimate showcase for manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest to the world and attack the famous Goodwood Hill Climb and set a lap time and even maybe a record.
The manufacturer alley is always packed with awesome displays and we think McLaren will will the award for the craziest display this year as they partner with LEGO and created a replica of their new super car the 720S.
The specs of the LEGO McLaren 720S will include 267,300 LEGO bricks that will weigh in at 3,200 lbs. The big twist of the whole debut is that the LEGO McLaren will not show up to Goodwood completed, yet McLaren and Speed Champions LEGO team worked together to create the instructions and everyone attending the event will help to place the bricks together to create the 720S model.
McLaren is not a new partner with LEGO, there have been multiple projects in the past with Formula 1 cars and the McLaren P1 was even crafted into a plastic mini toy.