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Leno Paid Over $500K For His 2017 Ford GT



Source:The Drive
The famous stand up comic and host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently retired to take on other life goals was one of the first people to take delivery of the new Ford GT. Some reddit users actually found the exact MSRP of the car Leno took delivery of which came to $505,750.
B-rad747 was the reddit user that found the window sticker of the black Ford GT.
It looks like Mr. Leno checked off a few options on the mighty Ford. $1,000 for ti-lugs, the orange stripping cost an additional $10,000, orange calipers to make the strips was $1,000 in paint, Carbon Fiber exposed wheels were $15,000, and a special option package called the 400A was $25,000 extra.