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Lamborghini sets record for SUPERCAR Sales!



Since we have moved into the year 2015 some numbers are starting to trickle from the auto manufacturers. Lamborghini has reported that they have broken their sales record of all time by selling 2,530 vehicles.
Lamborghini’s last record year was in 2008 when the “Italian Bull” sold 2,430 cars and has been aiming to stomp that record for the last 6 years. With the introduction of the Huracan model that replaced the Gallardo which was produced since 2003, we are sure that was one of the aided factors in the increase bump in numbers.
The Gallardo is gone but the Huracan is an amazing replacement. The Gallardo in it time of production was replicated 14,000 times thought its’ lifespan.
LAMBORGHINIVeneno-4799_9 Lamborghini-Huracan-world-debut-at-2014-Geneva-Motor-Show-photos-2-900x599 last-lamborghini-gallardo-and-assembly-line-team-1