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Insane Color Changing Custom McLaren P1 Appears In CA



If the McLaren P1 was not already insane enough for you, then MSO (McLaren Special Operations) can take your P1 to the next level of customization. The proud new owner of the color changing exposed carbon fiber P1 is no other than Mr. Manny Khoshbin. Manny is not a new-comer to the exotic hypercar group either, Mr. Khosbin came from nothing and is now guiding several companies in all aspects of their business and he also does a little bit of real estate with roughly 2,200,000 Sq. ft. in 6 US states in his portfolio
Recently Manny showed up to a car meet with his custom McLaren P1, check out the footage of this insane hypercar and the custom work of MSO. Manny also owns a host of hypercars from a full carbon Bugatti Veyron, Porshe 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and possibly a Pagani Huayra is on the way also.
If you would like to know more about Manny Khoshbin, click here.
Source: YouTube Channel Spencer Berke