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Ferrari LaFerrari Crash in Budapest



Budapest, Hungary is the scene of the latest hypercar accident. A stunning LaFerrari in corsa rosa red plowed into 3 parked cars as the owner of the LaFerrari just was leaving a parking garage.
The accident is said to be caused by cold tires, although official reports have not stated such yet. The front passenger fender took the brute of the damage and we are sure this won’t be a cheap fix for the 1 of 499 LaFerraris produced.
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If you are not familiar with the Ferrari LaFerrari, here are some stats. The LaFerrari is the successor of the Ferrari Enzo which was produced 2002-2004 with 400 examples made. The LaFerrari was produced 2013-2015 with an MSRP of 1.46million dollars.
The LaFerrari’s powerplant is a hybrid mix of a 6.3L F140FE V12 with an electric KERS motor. A 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is attached the LaFerrari’s engine.