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Let’s talk Ferrari F80 Hypercar Concept! We are guessing Adriano Raeli was no pleased with the last Ferrari hypercard creation, the Ferrari LaFerrari so he decided to wick it up a notch. Raeli designed the F80 which looks stunning yet the LaFerrari was just debuted and manufactured in the last year so we won’t be seeing this on the streets any time soon.
The F80 has a few specs available. Using a hybrid drivetrain that is paired with a KERS unit, the hypercard is said to product 1,200 horsepwoer. The Art Center College of Design grad has opted to use a twin-turbo V8 paired with a 300 horsepower KERS system. Weight will be around 1,800lbs with a top speed of 310mph.
FERRARI, let’s see this produced!
Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-1 Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-02 Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-3 Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-4 Ferrari-F80-Supercar-Concept-5