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10 Cars A Single Guy Should Not Own



The fight will always go on that maybe the car you drive dictates how self conscience or lack of self esteem a man has. But, we will not get into that. You car does speak a lot for you and sometimes the type of person you are. Here is a list of cars that you should not get caught driving if you are a single guy on the prowl for that special someone. And if you do find your car to be on this list we hope you are proving us all wrong and doing your thing and finding that female unicorn.

2002-05 Pontiac Aztek

Walter White drove a Aztek and Walter White was 50 and married

Boy Racer/Tuner Car

Unless you want to meet other guys don’t tune up your car

Chevrolet Express Van

Yes, the no brainer. Don’t drive a van with or without windows

Toyota Prius

This is a car no one should drive unless you plan to save the world

Smart Car

It is not smart for a single guy to drive this

2011 Honda Odyssey

It’s a van, so again don’t drive it.

2010 Kia Soul Sport

The name alone puts this car on the DND (DO NOT DRIVE) list

1983 Pontiac Firebird

It is 2015 not 1983 so unless this is a project car or a second car DND.

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

Car – A – VAN! It’s a van so it’s a no!

2009 Honda Pilot

Just as bad as the Kia Soul

Volkswagen Thing

No to the thing

Willys Jeep 1943

Jeeps are cool but 1943 probably won’t help you

Volkswagen Beetle

A beetle doesn’t not say Im a successful male

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Hand-me-down car is what this says

General Lee Dodge Charger

You watch too many movies and you are stuck in the past

1984 Dodge 600 ES Turbo


1995-98 Chrysler Cirrus

This is not the car for a good first impression

Dodge Stratus

Boring, just boring and you are boring.

Nissan Sentra

Mediocre car for a mediocre guy

’70’s Lincoln Town Coupe

Trade it in for something newer
Source Photos: Imgur