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10 Products You Didn’t Know Car Companies Make…



Diversification is always highly recommended when handling your financial future and other categories of life. This is also said for large car companies and the products they bring to market. Honda does not just make the Civic or the company would not be able to survive. Here is a list of some of the largest car manufactuers and what other products other than cars they have brought to the market or special events throughtout the world.

HondaJET HA-420

cm1Source: monmouthjetcenter

At a price of $4.5 million, the HondaJet HA-420 is a FAA Certified private business jet that the automaker has taken years in research and design to create. The HondaJet concept first flew in December 2003 at Piedmont Triad Internation Airport in North Carolina where the Jet is produced. The HA-420 was plagued by many delays in production and certification delays. Finally, in 2015 the HA-420 was certified.
The HondaJet HA-420 includes over-the-wing engine mounted configuration to aid in maximum cabin space of 4-6 passengers and 1-2 crew members. A max speed of 483 mph and a cruise speed of 435mph and a range of 1,161 miles.

Tesla Powerwall


The Tesla Powerwall is a energy storage for a sustainable home. Tesla home battery or Powerwall is a battery that charges up with the use of solar panels mounted on the roof of ones house and the power is then distributed to the house throughout time. Tesla sees this as the way of the future. The Powerwall offers independency of utility grid power and security during emergency periods when power outages occur.

McLaren + S-WORKS Road Bike

cm3Source: McLaren

McLaren one of the leaders in the supercar and Formula 1 world know how to go fast on and off the race track from their recent supercar / hypercar devision named McLaren Automotive where the British manufacturer has created some of the most saught after cars in the world. McLaren has teamed up with road bike maker S-WORKS in creating the world’s fastest UCI-legal road bike that breaks the norm with ultra light weight, stiffness and aerodynamics.
Mclaren was contracted to apply its material technologies department to create the Venge.

Ferrari Headphones

cm4Source: Ferrari Store

Beats by Dre have been a massive hit over the last couple of years with their over-ear headphones and ear buds. Ferrari and Logic3 headphone company have recently licensed the Ferrari brand to launch a headphone product line that also includes ear buds and sound speakers just like Jawbone and Bose. Prices range from ear buds at $100 to headphones upwards of $300+

Lamborghini Mobile Phones

cm5Source: Lamborghini Mobile

Lamborghini is known for their raging bull supercars from the Countach to the latest and greatest Veneno that is sold for roughly $4.5 million. THe Italian super car maker is also in the business of selling mobile devices.

Honda Ruckus

cm6Source: Honda

The Japanes car maker is also in the business of selling scooters. The Honda Ruckus brand new goes for $2,649 with a 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine. A 1.5 gallon fuel capcity scoots this little honda around town with an estimated 114mpg. Available in white/red and black.

Rolls Royce Aerospace Engines

cm7Source: Rolls Royce

Did you know that sometimes when you fly that you are techinically being propelled by the famous Rolls Royce auto maker? Yes, the luxury car builder also makes jet engines for commercial and private jet.

GM Luna Rover

cm8Source: General Motors

Surprisingly NASA went to GM to create the luna rover that went to the moon. Boeing and GM collaborated on the project where boeing constructed the vehicle but GM handled all of the engineering.

BMW Bobsleds

cm9Source: BMW Group Design Works

During the 2014 Winter Olympic Games we saw the USA collaborate with BMW creating some innovative carbon fiber 2 man bobsleds. BMW EfficientDynamics is the department that handled the design process of these winter games sliders.