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2017 Formula 1 Testing Has Started Today



The highly anticipated 2017 Formula 1 World Championship has started its’ first testing session of the year in Barcelona today. With all of the 2017 cars debuted at this point and hitting the track on Day 1 this year looks to possibly have the excitement, the sport has needed for a few year.
The new regulations for 2017 see the Formula 1 cars with much wider rear and front tires from Pirelli. A wider car and lower rear wing are also put into play this year for the teams. The lower rear wing brings back the older look of the F1 cars prior to the 2009 rule change for higher and more narrow rear wings.
Reports say that the wider tires that will deliver more grip to the drivers may speed the laps times up almost 5 seconds. Some of the drivers have not been so vocal about that claim. Some have even said that the cars might not be as easy to overtake with the wider components on the cars. We will see once testing is over and the green flag drops at the first race.
Footage from Day 1 in Barcelona can be viewed below.