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Unplanned Vacation Photos Gone Wrong



Is there anything better than jetting off on vacation? Not having to worry about all of life’s menial things for a while is just the best – work, rent, and bills, we’re looking at you.
Although we might want to see all of these views for ourselves, other people’s vacation fails can be enough to put us off a trip abroad for a lifetime. We don’t need any embarrassing photos in the album; we can do that all from the comfort of our own home.

The Matching Parade

One of the best things about having younger children is getting them to wear whatever they’re told – no matter how embarrassing it might be for everyone involved.

Incoming Visitor

Many people pack up their cars and head out to the woods only to turn around and run back straight away as soon as they see this kind of uninvited guest.

Towering Over The Tower

This youngster found herself trapped in the story that she had been to France. So, what was she to do when her friends wanted to see pictures? Offer up a terrible Photoshop option, of course.

Incoming Wave

This family was able to find a willing person to snap their fun vacation. But, it looks as though they only had time for one photo, leaving them with the uninvited wave photobombing in the background.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Although everyone might feel as though they are standing out from the crowd and making their own unique memories, it seems as like everyone else had the same idea.

Life On The Edge

Yes, that really is a small child dangling hundreds of feet above the open water below. No, neither parent seems to notice one of their children is in danger.

One Wrong Move

Rather than help their friend in need, this happy snapper thought they would capture the memorable – and downright terrifying – moment, so they could look back and laugh for the rest of time.

Happy To Meet The Crew

Although the ostrich looks happy to finally see who has been throwing the food, the woman could do with a lot of space between her and her new friend. At least her travel buddy got the chance to capture her reaction.

A Stone Cold Kiss

This stone is found in Blarney Castle, Ireland, and is said to give anyone the charm of a smooth talker that can win over any lady they like. The castle had to install the rails after many people fell in an attempt to perform the ritual.

Hippo Valentine’s Day

Maybe his wife-to-be loved animals? Whatever the case, it looks as though someone else wanted to get involved with his romantic gesture.

Stripes All Around

There’s no better way to keep an eye on everyone than by wearing matching outfits, right? At least this way they’ll have an easy description of what the youngsters look like if they should go wandering off into the distance.

A Memorable Day Out

Thinking about it, fighting for your life while on vacation might not be something everyone wants to remember…

The All-important Close-up

Although he is actually trying to snap the monkeys just out of shot in the background, it looks as though he could have benefited from some nicer – and cleaner – surroundings to bring his picture to life.

The Mouse Of Nightmares

This little one thought they were about to meet their favorite cartoon mouse when it turned out they were in for one of the biggest nightmares of their life.

The Wrong Spot

This seems to have started as a harmless prank of burying their friend, but has soon turned into chaos as the seagulls arrive to have their fun. Someone even left some chips out so the birds don’t go hungry.

Falling For The View

What many probably don’t account for is the railing being a little bit more slippery than it first looks. This person was about to find out the hard way.

Too Much Sun

This pair thought they were going home with sun-kissed skin but actually look like they spent their week sunbathing with Larry the Lobster.

Dental Check Up

Have you ever heard of animals beginning to look like their owners? Even though these two have never met, it seems as though they have more in common than they ever thought.

The Most Miserable Place On Earth

It looks as though nothing can turn those frowns upside down as this family seem a lot less than impressed to be standing next to their vacation sign to South Dakota.

So Many Questions

While the youngster in the middle gets to cuddle a sweet polar bear, the parents in the back get to risk their lives while standing next to a terrifying life-size alternative.

Down We Go

One of the most important rules of being a professional photographer is to capture every moment – even if that one is dad getting carried away while his little one.

Crash Landing

Thankfully, this photo bomber made it just in time before they crash landed into the pool. Sadly, we’re not too sure the couple in the photo were about to be too happy with their splashing intruder.

Everybody Was Kung-fu Fighting

Sure, it might have been funny to see someone holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa once or twice, but what about when everyone’s photo albums are filled with the same snaps?

The Unique Addition

This couple might have been just driving down the highway, but they know a photo opportunity when they see one. All they had to do was pull over onto the shoulder and they could finally complete their vacation snap.

The Questionable Hats

As if the loud ‘90s outfits weren’t enough, the fanny packs really tie this entire look together. That’s before even getting to the sombreros.

Double Denim

What could be better than double denim? Double denim on everyone in the family – that’s what. The ‘90s were a great, and disastrous, time for anyone trying to be fashionable.

Smiling Visitor

This family wanted to show their daughter the wonders of the sea and thought a trip to the aquarium would be the perfect way to introduce her to the animals.

Blocking The View

Although this person bagged their ideal place and were ready and waiting with their camera, it seems as though this woman just couldn’t wait to walk past.

Where Dreams Turn To Nightmares

We’re not sure, but it looks as though there might have been an argument or two shortly before this snap was taken.

Just Pack Lightly

It might be safe to say this traveler went one step too far with their vacation preparations. We sure hope the bellboy got a huge tip after dragging all of this to the hotel room.