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The Best And Worst Products At Costco



Everyone loves Costco, and if you’re not familiar with the insane variety of products they sell, you’ve come to the right place. Costco literally has something for everyone, but besides the bargain that comes with bulk shopping, they truly offer some diamond products most people don’t even know about.
From packaged steals of brand-name products to Costco’s own brand of delicious foods, there’s amazing things only Costco sells. You can take care of all your shopping needs, from groceries to home appliances, but what are the best deals and steals Costco offers, you ask? Well look no further…

Best: Kirkland Bacon

It may seem obvious to recommend delicious, sizzlin’ bacon, but there’s a reason why this type of bacon in particular has become a must-buy among Costco shoppers. Not only does each strip come packed with scrumptious flavor, but it also keeps very well in the freezer without losing its juicy flavor – which is good considering that it comes in bundles of four!

Worst: Fresh Produce

While we would never advise anybody against consuming healthy produce, we would advise people to simply purchase it elsewhere. Yes, it’s very convenient to just grab a bag of honeycrisp apples or avocado while you’re there anyway, but even with Costco’s lower prices you almost always end up bringing home more produce than you can eat before it begins to turn. And while Costco’s produce quality is certainly good, you can certainly find fresher goods at a farmers market.

Best: Kirkland Maple Syrup

Authentic maple syrup is expensive, which is why the majority of grocery store maple syrups are really just corn syrup with maple flavoring. With Costco’s organic brand, however, you’re getting the real thing without paying premium prices. That’s more authentic flavor for around half the cost. Don’t allow your morning pancakes to be tainted with anything less than the good stuff!

Worst: Ground Coffee

Coffee is a staple component of morning life, and yet so many people make the mistake of buying it ground. Yes, ground coffee is convenient and will save you a few bucks in the long run, but what you gain in dollars you’ll lose in flavor as air mingles with the grounds. Unless you really don’t care about freshness, you’re better off buying it in either smaller containers or simply grounding it up yourself.

Best: Frozen Fruit

While fresh fruit isn’t among Costco’s better products, you can find solace in knowing that their frozen fruit is among their better buys. Not only does this chilled version keep far longer and allow you to better manage your daily portions, but frozen fruit actually tastes quite good in its own right. Plus it’s perfect for delicious homemade smoothies.

Worst: Regular Milk

Unless you have a large family, the chances are slim that you’ll actually polish off Costco’s supersized jugs of milk before it spoils. What’s the point of saving $1.87 on milk if you’re just going to pour those savings down the drain? Not to mention the fact that Costco’s abnormal milk jug design makes it a huge pain to pour yourself a glass.

Best: Rotisserie Chicken

Costco’s rotisserie chicken is so amazing that it practically has a cult following. In fact, Costco is so aware that their chicken rivals no other that they purposely set the price at the ridiculously low amount of $4.99. They don’t make any money off if it, rendering it what’s called a “loss leader,” but what they lose in chicken sales they more than gain in other food sales when people come in specifically for that and end up leaving with a shopping cart full of other essentials while they’re in the neighborhood.

Worst: Shampoo And Soaps

While Costco is stuffed to the rafters with economical food deals, toiletries is not one of their bargain areas. Supermarkets, on the other hand, will commonly have specials for these types of products. So don’t worry about buying soaps in bulk and just buy them in lower quantities (and lower prices) next time you’re at the supermarket.

Best: Ground Beef

Ground beef is a food type that most definitely is worth buying in bulk. It’s an all-purpose food which can be used in a myriad of ways, from backyard grilling to a quick and convenient meal. Plus it keeps very well when stored in the freezer.

Worst: Flour

Unless you’re an avid baker, flour is not a product that does well when purchased in large amounts. It expires faster than you realize and will inevitably attract bugs if not stored in an air-tight container. As such, it’ll be simpler (and probably cheaper) to just buy normal sized bags.

Best: Creamy Tuxedo Mousse Cake

If you’re looking for a perfectly moist cake that masterfully combines dark and white chocolate, this is the cake for you. The layers of mousse and cake are topped off with a chewy brownie and shaved dark chocolate ganache – perfect for impressing guests or just digging in on your own!

Worst: Kirkland Laundry Detergent

While you would assume that something like laundry detergent would be economical to purchase in bulk, you might be surprised to learn that it actually has a shelf life. Experts say that it will begin to lose its effectiveness about six months after opening. So unless you have a large family (or just do a lot of laundry) then this is one product you should probably skip next time you’re at Costco.

Best: Olive Oil

Anyone who cooks even a little bit ends up using olive oil. It’s far healthier than conventional cooking oils, and when purchased in large quantities you can make it stretch for quite some time. Plus you don’t have to worry about it going bad anytime soon. Costco’s olive oil is even made out of high quality, organic olives, so freshness is guaranteed.

Worst: Spices

Similar to ground coffee, spices really don’t have as long of a shelf life as you might assume. Although your oregano isn’t exactly going to mold, you will notice it losing its signature flavor after a little while. Any cook worth their salt (no pun intended) will tell you that a spice that doesn’t produce maximum flavor isn’t fulfilling its job.

Best: Tires

There’s no doubt that tires are ridiculously expensive, but Costco prides itself on offering some of the best prices you can find. This is why people who aren’t even members will commonly seek out the tire center when they find themselves in need of new rubber. Plus, Costco also offers excellent service at no additional cost.

Best: Cashews

Any nut connoisseur will tell you how pricey nuts (and especially cashews) can be when purchased in regular grocery stores, which is why Costco’s option is infinitely better. Buying in larger amounts means more saving, and cashews will keep for a very long time if sealed properly. They can even be stored in the freezer with little to no reduction in flavor.

Worst: Shredded Chicken

While Costco shoppers generally agree that their packages of shredded chicken generally taste good, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who says it’s even slightly better than their renowned rotisserie chicken. Add to that the fact that it has a surprisingly high price tag of $12.99 per package, compared to the much lower price of $4.99. By simply buying a whole chicken (which contains about as much meat) and shredding it yourself, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money for very little inconvenience.

Best: Toilet Paper

Not all products should be bought in bulk, but toilet paper is a huge exception. It doesn’t go bad, and there’s a zero percent chance you’ll find yourself no longer needing it. Plus, Costco’s quadruple layer brand is tested by tissue specialists for quality assurance, so you end up with some great savings for a quality product.

Best: Organic Almond Butter

Like many speciality items, almond butter (and especially the organic variety) can get quite pricey. Costco, however, offers a fantastic price of $7.99. While most products offered at reduced prices usually include reduced quality, kitchen connoisseurs agree that Costco’s brand is downright incredible for the price. You can’t go wrong with high quality, healthy, and affordable.

Worst: Salsa

If you’re hosting a massive party of at least 20 people, then a couple jugs of salsa is the way to go. If, however, you’re only buying it for yourself or a few people, then that massive amount of salsa is guaranteed to go bad long before you can polish it off (unless of course you really like salsa). Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few dollars to buy a regular amount that you won’t end up throwing away in a few weeks when you inevitably can’t consume pounds of salsa!

Best: Gas

Even if Costco decided to shut down their stores and stop carrying food, a membership would still be well worth it for the gas pumps alone. Costco is well known for having some of the lowest gas prices in town, which means quite a bit for families who drive around town on a daily basis or for during oil shortages when the price of gas goes through the roof.

Best: Cheese

For anybody who considers themselves a cheese savant, Costco is like a Wonderland of opportunity. They offer great selections at unbeatable prices. Of course, cheese will eventually age and become stale, but it usually lasts long enough to enjoy before that happens. Tip: consider opting for the parmesan cheese, as that variety will generally last a bit longer.

Best: Breakfast Cereal

Whether you have kids who love cereal for any meal or you just love a quick, easy snack, buying Costco’s family-sized mega boxes is the way to go. Cereal will keep for extended periods of time without going stale (just make sure to open one bag at a time to preserve the freshness).

Best: Pork Flank Belly

Pork belly is quickly becoming the new delicious alternative to bacon, and Costco offers quality meat at amazing prices. Depending on the cut, prices can range from $1.99 to $2.99 a pound – more than affordable for a meat that’s easy to prepare and easy to impress for guests during backyard barbeques.

Best: Batteries

Anybody who uses electronics knows: batteries certainly are not cheap. Costco, however, offers reduced prices for name brand batteries. If you want to save even more money, Costco’s Kirkland brand batteries are actually made by Duracell, so that’s a winning combination of good quality and more money in your pocket.

Best: Coffee Cups

Anyone who makes coffee at home knows that these handy little coffee cups (or K cups) can run you a huge tab considering that you’re trading extra money for convenience. While coffee cups aren’t all that great quality-wise, the convenience really is unbeatable. To avoid dropping huge amounts of money on these, buy in bulk at Costco! They’ll last forever and you can end up saving massively in the long run.

Worst: Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not an item that’s wise to buy in large quantities. Grocery stores will very commonly have specials on bathroom items like this, so you can actually end up saving a little more there than you can when buying at Costco. Plus, you won’t have to store 10 years worth of toothpaste in your bathroom!

Best: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of those classic household food items, and Costco is the best place to restock. Whether you have a large family that runs on PB&Js or you just love to eat it by the spoonfuls, Costco’s bulk prices can’t be beat. It also takes a very long time to go bad, so you shouldn’t have to worry about tossing any excess.

Best: Bagels

Bagels remain among the more versatile of foods, and Costco’s got you covered when it comes to delectable and affordable bagels. Not only is their Kirkland brand on par with other name brands, but if you prefer those name brands like Einstein Bros or New York and Montrel bagels, then stop wasting your money at places like Panera. They come in packages of two, but considering how well they keep in the freezer it’s a deal you really shouldn’t pass up.

Best: Kirkland Almond Milk

Conventional milk has been losing its popularity over the years thanks to other alternatives, but people who have tried Costco’s almost milk brand agree that it just might rival regular milk in terms of taste and general nutrition. Of course any alternative foods come with a hiked up price, but at Costco you’re getting a high quality beverage for a fraction of what you’d pay at regular stores. Plus its shelf life more than rivals that of regular milk.

Worst: Books

While Costco excels at offering great deals on food, they don’t exactly excel at that same model when it comes to books. They really only sell books for some small added profit. As such, don’t fall prey to the huge book table you always pass by, since the vast majority of those same books can be bought elsewhere for far less (like Amazon).

Worst: Baking Powder

Unless you constantly bake or you’re preparing a huge batch of cookies for a Christmas party, there’s no earthly reason one would need 8 pounds of baking powder. Sure, you’ll save yourself a few bucks buying in bulk, but those small savings will later be negated when it expires and needs to be thrown out.

Best: Kirkland Organic Coconut Water

While many people may not care for the taste of coconut water, Costco’s brand definitely has more fans than most other versions. It’s a far healthier alternative to sugary “hydration drinks” like Gatorade, and buying a case offers fantastic savings compared to buying it full price from other stores or in individual bottles.

Best: Verka Organic Yogurt

Costco carries many varieties of yogurt, but many shoppers stand by Verka. It’s rated quite highly by yogurt specialists (yes, those exist) and remains the most popular brand by far. It’s a great low-calorie snack or breakfast food, and whatever you can’t eat you simply freeze for another time.

Worst: Las Fortunitas Tortilla Chips

To be fair, the Las Fortunitas chips are considered to be quite good by many shoppers. The problem is that even at $6 a bag you’re still wasting money, because very few people finish the entire five pound bag before you get tired of the same chips or they get stale (which happens pretty quickly).

Best: Kerrygold Butter

Kerrygold butter has grown in popularity over the years due to the fact that the company uses dairy from grass-fed cows only. The brand comes highly recommended by food critics, and Costco offers it at a significantly lower cost. Keep in mind that many Costcos will run low on supplies – which is probably testament to its increasing popularity!

Worst: Kirkland Light Beer

Costco’s signature beer may be good in price, but as far as taste goes the reviews are not good. Some people have likened the taste to battery acid – not an ideal flavor. Buyers who bought a case of whopping 48 beers and disliked it were sore outta luck when they suddenly found themselves with 47 cans of terrible beer. Save yourself the aggravation and just go with your favorite brand.

Best: Snacks

Individual size bags of snacks are way more expensive than buying in bulk, but for families with kids who love a bag of chips with their school lunch they come in real handy. Fortunately, Costco’s got you covered. You can purchase a large variety of sweet and salty snacks in bulk, so you’re saving yourself a significant amount of money.

Best: Oatmeal

For the avid oatmeal consumer, this is a deal you can’t pass up. Since it’s entirely dehydrated, the packets will keep forever, so you don’t have to worry about anything going rancid. Simply by buying the packets in bulk, you’re saving over $10 as opposed to purchasing the same product in a regular grocery store.

Best: Vitamins

So many name brand pharmaceutical companies far overcharge for their products because of the popularity of the name. In reality, no-name brands are just as effective as the popular brands – and they’re a fraction of the cost. Buying vitamins and supplements in bulk while at Costco will save you an incredible amount of money and majorly increase your dollar value.

Best: The Hot Dog & Soda Special

The hot dog & soda special remains to this day one of the best deals any Costco shopper can take advantage of. For just $1.50, you get an entire hot dog and a 20 oz. drink – the perfect pick-me-up for weary shoppers. But don’t assume that this is some cheap gas station dog. Business Insider called them the “best in America”.

Worst: Signateur Gas Grill

While Costco’s hot dogs remain the talk of the town, their “signateur” grill certainly is not. Many disappointed backyard barbecuers have left less-than-stellar reviews stating that the grill doesn’t generate enough heat to really put a nice char on the meats. For the hefty price of $550, you could probably get a much more powerful grill elsewhere.

Worst: Prepared Meals

Costco specializes in offering bulk groceries at bulk prices, so if you’re looking to maximize your buying power then you’d do best to stay away from their prepared foods. Sure, the food is pretty tasty, but it’s also pretty pricey. Unless you’re looking for a convenient dinner, expect to pay premium prices for these types of foods.

Best: Pure Vanilla Extract

Anyone who bakes knows that vanilla extract is always incredibly expensive, and it always comes in itty bitty bottles. Costco, however, offers 16 oz. bottles for a meager $30 each. But it gets better: unlike so many vanilla extracts that just use cheap vanilla flavoring, Costco’s is pure. So you know you’re getting the real thing at an amazing price.

Best: Kirkland Vodka

For anyone who enjoys some stiffer libations once in a while, Costco generally offers fantastic deals. Their larger bottles are the best deals, but the Kirkland vodka in particular is the best deal of them all. But before assuming that the quality suffers for the price, you should know that food experts consider the vodka to be Grey Goose in disguise, and Costco’s brand is commonly favored during taste tests.

Worst: Facial Tissues

If you’re looking for average tissues used for an occasional sneeze, then Costco’s facial tissue brand is satisfactory. For other things, though (such as colds), many shoppers have reported that the tissues can be harsh on the nose after extended use. While you’re definitely saving money, most people agree that in this situation quality is better than quantity.

Worst: Soda

So many Costco shoppers automatically load up their month supply of soda while at the store without even realizing that, even at the bulk discount, they’re probably overpaying. Due to the popularity of soft drinks, so many other conventional stores offer regular specials that can end up saving you more money than even buying at Costco.

Worst: Mattresses

It’s curious how most people don’t want to spend very much on a mattress, despite the fact that you spend so many hours of your life using it! While Costco’s mattresses are generally considered to be good, they’re hardly a deal. You can buy a far more customized mattress from other places, and if you wait for a special you could potentially get it for less than the generic Costco ones.

Best: Kirkland Pet Food

Good quality pet food can be expensive, but once again Costco has pet owners covered. Their brand uses high quality ingredients, and they even use reputable companies such as Diamond Naturals to produce it. Not to mention that the price can’t be beat!

Best: Ready-to-Drink Strawberry Margaritas

Everybody loves a nice fruity drink, especially once the summer season hits. Costco offers bottles with 12.7% ABV for just $10! It’s made with agave wine, cane sugar, real lime juice, and strawberry, so it tastes delicious and is a fantastic deal.

Best: Pickles

Pickles certainly aren’t for everybody, but if you enjoy them and also enjoy a good deal then Costco is the place to stock up. They’re only $4 – $5 per jar, and they’ll keep forever. Buy them as a snack or a garnish for your next hamburger cookout.

Best: Outdoor Furniture

Many of us have grown accustomed to spending more time at home, so investing in some good outdoor furniture to enjoy those summer days is a must. They offer a wide variety of styles, and many sets are stylish and quite weather proof. But what impresses everyone first and foremost is the price, with many agreeing that it’s a downright steal.

Worst: Running Shoes

Despite the fact that Costco sells some high-end name brand shoes, so many reviewers agree that they lack severely when it comes to quality. People have compared them to Walmart shoes, and have warned not to be sucked in by the reduced prices. Just look out for specials at other stores and get your shoes that way.