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People Who Had One Job And Still Failed



You might get up early for your 9-5 office job, you might try and acclimate yourself to working night shifts in a factory, or you might even have to make your way into the freezing cold to spend your day working as a laborer.
Although mistakes can happen onsite; it might be something simple as sending an email to the wrong person or way worse. Don’t believe us? These are the ultimate job fails. Some of them are an absolute knockout.

Well, They’re Not Wrong

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t remember what the thingy-majig is called. Well, they’re not wrong y’know. Bananas are long and yellow.

You Okay, Ma’am?

Tilers have a tricky business on their hands. They have to make sure the tiles all match up, and that can’t be easy when you have a pattern to uphold.

I Don’t Mean To Brag…

The fortune inside can either fill you with joy or make you feel a little uneasy. However, this one sparked a few other emotions. Mostly, confusion.

All The Space In The World

While we appreciate the fact that this sign is telling us to give cyclists space, we can’t help but think that the sign is being a little hypocritical.

Back To School

This often requires a trip to the store to stock up on stationery, backpacks, clothes, and more. Yet, we have to wonder why these knives would be on the school list.

Pikachu, I Don’t Choose You

With his tail on his head and his ears on his – ahem – bottom half, we don’t think we’ll be choosing this guy anytime soon. No offense, Pika.

Please Don’t Look Obvious

Many companies write the product description on the outer packaging, which isn’t great when you’re planning a surprise.

What Do You Want From Us?!

So, what do you do? Well, we don’t have a clue. That’s basically life though, isn’t it? Nobody has a clue, and that’s just the way it works.

Moving On Up

You either have to be a parkour expert to navigate this escalator, or you will get a smooshed face. It’s one or the other.

One, Two, Three, And Jump!

Why did the cyclist cross the road? Well, it wasn’t to get to the other side, because there’s a big ol’ barrier in the way.

If In Doubt, Use Duct Tape

While the person in charge of fixing this electrical pole probably had all intentions to fix it properly, their coffee was getting cold, so duct tape became their new best friend.

Brrr, That’s Some Chilly Paper

While there’s no doubt about the fact that Red Hot Chili Peppers chose a rather hot and spicy name for their band, this misspelling has us laughing out loud.

A Funny Looking Watermelon

While it’s not hard to know what an apple or a banana looks like, it seems as though people do get a little confused when it comes to more obscure fruits and vegetables. I mean, this is a funny looking watermelon.

A Refreshing Glass

Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of the lemon water on this day didn’t quite grasp the concept. This is lemon water, but not quite the lemon water we were after.

The Happy Hippo!

Isn’t that a cute hippo? Actually, wait a minute. While there’s no doubt about the fact that hippos and rhinos are similar creatures, there is one stark difference between the two.

A Recipe For Disaster

You don’t need to be an electrical genius to know that water and electricity don’t mix, which is why we shall be staying well away from this drinking fountain.

New Uniforms

While it seemingly appears this cycling team was on the winning side of things, their uniforms were definitely not. In fact, everyone who had to look at these has lost. How someone could design such a flawed uniform is beyond us, especially with it being a full bodysuit. Not a good look.

The London Tower

We have a feeling that whoever designed this phone case wasn’t exactly up to speed with their geography. You know, unless London and Paris merged into one city overnight.

The Safest Possible Route

We can’t help but think that whoever was in charge of this zebra crossing was a little too cautious. Considering very few cars will ever venture into this space, it does seem a little dramatic.

Not Quite Right

If you’re going to add structure and organization to your work, at least have it make sense. The only consolation we have is that the words are at least in alphabetical order.

The Wrong Way Around

For the most part, the workers in charge of drain covers make sure that these covers line up with the paint job, so it doesn’t stand out. However, this person was obviously in a rush.

Sorry, Ninja Turtles

If you’re a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’ll know that these cool guys make their way home through these drain covers.

One Lightsaber To Rule Them All

This person was obviously incredibly excited to add this new Hobbit toy into their lives, but they were a little confused when they took a closer look at the packaging.

Just Slightly Off

Have you ever taken the time to properly look around your house and take in the various different details in the aesthetics? It’s only a centimeter or two, but that’s enough to drive someone wild.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

It seems as though this mirror was also slightly magic because it was able to de-pixelate the faces of those they were trying to hide. Well, this is kinda awkward now.

Prince Connor

This person obviously wanted to buy their son some balloons for his birthday, but it seems as though the wrong kind turned up on their doorstep so they decided to get a little creative.

The Lone Wolf

When you fancy a hot dog for lunch, you just won’t rest until you’ve had a hot dog for lunch. But which sauces do you put on top? The sweet relish always has to be different, and we’re not here for that.

Just Write It

When you put party preparations in the hands of someone else, you always have to acknowledge the fact that something may always go wrong.

No Sleep Tonight…

If you struggle to get your kids to bed, we’d suggest that you don’t buy them a pair of these nightmare pajamas. You know, unless someone just flipped the “w” the wrong way around.

The Ultimate Planners

If you were considering an opportunity at the College of Architecture and Planning, you might want to rethink going to a different school.

Beating Around The Bush

Despite not wanting to mow their lawn, the person who owns this house decided to go for it anyway – but they weren’t going to put a huge amount of effort into it.

You Left Something…

When you finish a job that you don’t particularly enjoy, there’s a high chance that you just want to get away as quickly as possible. This was obviously the case for this road worker.

Ready For A Geography Lesson

No, this isn’t a picture of Asia on the T-Shirt. That’s actually Africa, which isn’t exactly close by. They both start with “A” we guess.

The Rebel Stacker

When there are clear instructions to adhere to, you’d expect to see everyone adhering to them. After all, it’s hard not to miss the bold capital letters that state you should not stack the boxes on top of each other.

Do You Know Your Left And Right?

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those that know their left and right without having to think about it, but there are also those who have to really think about which way they want to go.

Open Sesame

The owners of this house ordered kitchen units that came with oodles of storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers. However, it seems as though their dream didn’t become a reality.

A Holiday Crossover

What do you get when you cross Father Christmas with the Easter Bunny? Well, you’re looking at it.

Well, You Tried

We have a feeling that whoever designed this medal hasn’t won any themselves over the course of their lifetime. If they had, they would know that it definitely doesn’t go in order of 1st, 2nd, and 3st.

Nice And Private

If you’re looking for a little more privacy for a number two, you can go into the stalls. The person in charge of renovating this restroom seems to have got a little confused, though…

Lift The Lid Up

You may not have read the instructions, you may not have really thought about what you were doing, but you instead just went for it. We can only imagine that that’s what this person did.

There’s Always One

There’s always one person who has to mess up the team, and it seems as though Grant was to blame for this fries sale. Fries for a dollar? We’ll have 20 bags, please.

Ain’t Got No Time

You want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and you’ll stop at nothing to complete it within record time. At least, that’s obviously what this line painter decided.

The Land Of Far, Far Away

You don’t want to be in a situation where your arm is touching the dirty walls, but you also don’t want to have to crab walk across the other side of the room to grab the toilet paper.

Got My Eye On You

Okay, this one is super creepy, and we’d like to move on now.

A Multilingual Instruction Manual

This is to help those who speak different tongues and to ensure that everyone has the chance to buy the product. However, those in charge of these translations need to make sure that they’re actually doing what they’re asked.

Everything The Light Touches

In The Lion King movie, Simba is told by his father that everything the light touches will eventually become his kingdom. However, we can’t help but wonder if Simba really did see what his father was showing him.

The Perfect Placement

When you’re tasked with finding a place in the local park to put a brand new bench, you should probably have a real look around and see what’s there.

The Wrong Way Around

When the ice cream truck made its way around the town, and the residents saw this Galaxy ice cream, they probably couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into it. False advertising!

Unrealistic Body Standards

Yes, here we are. This is just another unrealistic body standard that women are supposed to uphold.

Monday Motivation

Instead of walking up or down the stairs, you have to hang on to the ledge and make your way to the other side. If you can’t, then you can have a few words with the person who was in charge of this, instead.