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Most Powerful Images Of The Last Hundred Years



Over the past hundred years, the world has changed a lot. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and some of these powerful images really hit home how momentous the occasion truly was.
People remember these moments from history thanks to the pictures taken, perfectly capturing the mood, emotions, and gravity of the situations.

I’ll Be Back

The moment Arnold Schwarzenegger announced himself to the world. The strongman spent years in the gym working on his physique to become Mr. Olympia, and this was his reward, to be flexing in a room filled with art enthusiasts.

Taking Over The (Tennis) World

Between Serena and Venus Williams them they have won over 30 Grand Slam titles in tennis; Grand Slams being one of the four major tournaments played in a calendar year.

When Police Are Arrested

This was the moment that Ray Lewis, a retired Police Captain from Philadelphia, was arrested for participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.

Breaking America

This was the night in 1964 that The Beatles discovered they had just recorded their very first number one hit in the U.S. with I Want to Hold Your Hand.

A Sad Consequence

This picture was taken from Air Force One shortly after the tragic event of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; Lyndon Johnson is being sworn into office.

Tank Man

Taken in 1989, this image depicts a single man standing up to the unjust regime trying to attack pro-democracy demonstrators in China. This man places himself directly in front of these tanks, refusing to move.

End Of An Era

For many years, the Berlin Wall stood dividing the east and west halves of the German capital, but the German people wanted a change; in 1989 citizens began tearing it down.

Terrifying Power

This is the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki, just three days after the U.S. Army dropped another nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

The Greatest Of All Time?

This is the moment Mohammed Ali floored Sonny Liston, standing over him, and pretty much cementing his status as the greatest of all time.

Cross-Border Family

Following the Korean War, there were many families split from each other, forced to live in either North or South Korea. The conflict lasted from 1950 to 1953 and those three short years have torn many families apart ever since.

Where Conspiracies Began?

This is the reported first photograph of the Loch Ness Monster. Is Nessie real, or is it just a myth? Perhaps we will never know, but this image captured the attention of millions across the world.

The Dream

This was the speech that would inspire millions to fight for change. Martin Luther King Jr. would deliver his impassioned speech at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

This picture is of a rescue dog trying to find people in the ruins of the September 11 attacks on New York. The dogs risked their lives trying to find and rescue people from the rubble following the plane crashes.

Little Rock

This was the backlash that young students felt as the first to attend an integrated school in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was only when President Dwight D. Eisenhower intervened that the students were given access to their new school.

Man, Myth, Legend

To get the determined look on his face, the photographer reportedly ripped Winston Churchill’s cigar from his mouth before calmly returning to the camera and snapping this iconic image.

Man’s Best Friend

This is Leao the dog, who had been sitting at the grave of her owner for the second consecutive day after they passed away in the disastrous landslides that devastated parts of Brazil in 2011.

Rosa Parks

This is the mugshot of Rosa Parks, a woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger. She was arrested for her defiance in 1955, after she grew tired of giving in to oppression and simply refused to move.

The Harsh Reality

This was the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 young children between the ages of six and seven were fatally wounded along with six staff members.

The Situation Room

This image comes from the White House Situation Room, where former President Barack Obama sat with members of his staff as they witnessed soldiers carrying out a sweep of Osama Bin Laden’s safehouse.


In the ‘90s famine was ravaging parts of Africa, leading to appeals for fundraising to try and help people escape such terrible conditions. This is an image of a young, starving child, running dangerously low on energy.


The brave soldiers landing on the beach were met with a formidable sight; the German army entrenched, waiting to mow down thousands of people with their machine guns.


In 2013, runners in the Boston Marathon were approaching the finish line when an explosive device was detonated. This picture captures three police officers springing into action to try and ensure the safety.

Hindenburg Disaster

This image was taken as the airship, LZ 129 Hindenburg, caught fire as it came to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station on May 6, 1937. This disaster effectively ended zeppelins as a form of transport.

A Salute

This salute by two American athletes in protest during the playing of the national anthem at the 1968 Olympic Games is something that has been remembered ever since.

Saying Goodbye

Christian Golczynski was just eight years old when his father Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski was shot and killed on his second tour of Iraq. It is a harsh reminder of the casualties that war brings.

An End To The Struggle

This was the day that victory had been declared after the Second World War, and a sailor gleefully kisses a nurse in celebration. It became the symbol of Allied victory over the German war effort.

Earthrise Over The Moon

Before 1968 no person has captured the Earth rising on color camera, but astronaut Bill Anders took the very first fully colored image of an Earthrise.

Stop Your Drinking!

The 1920s marked the beginning of the Prohibition, banning the sale and distribution of alcohol. This image marks the build-up to Prohibition taking effect, with this store offering drinks to their customers before they were forced out of business.

Clinging On

Hurricane Katrina devastated large parts of New Orleans in 2005. This image shows a man clinging on for his life, to the roof of this automobile, as the storm caused widespread flooding throughout the region.