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Most Epic Construction Mishaps Ever



If you own your own property, there’s a high chance that you want to do everything you can to make your home your castle. Of course, you’re gonna have to be pretty skilled in DIY to build yourself a few turrets, a moat complete with drawbridge, a two-story library, a west and an east wing, and everything else that any respectable castle should come equipped with. Because many of us barely know how to use a screwdriver, we often stick to smaller projects that we can do ourselves. We may fix the leak in the faucet, we might paint the walls a different color to give it a certain something extra, and sometimes we will even change a lightbulb after days of sitting in the dark.
However, when bigger projects need to be completed, we call in a few extra helping hands. We pay good money for these jobs to be completed on time and of a good quality, and we expect everything to look perfect. After all, they’re the professionals! However, it seems as though sometimes even those trained in the art of DIY have a few off days. You genuinely won’t believe these construction fails. How did they get it so wrong?