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Insanely Awful Park Jobs



One of the most annoying parts about driving is parking, and even worse than parking, is being unable to get a spot because of someone else’s selfishness. For whatever reason, wherever you go, some people think they’re entitled to off-limits or excessive spots.
But on the contrary, oftentimes when people park inconsideably, other good samaritans act, many times exposing and showcasing the person’s foolishness for all to see. These are some of the worst parking fails ever captured, and many of the hilarious retaliations they caused.

Construction 101

As you can read on the plywood, “No parking means no parking.” Clearly this guy was sick of the smart car hogging up space every day, and let him have it by trapping him in a makeshift fence.

Just Aggressive

This entitled Mercedes driver decided to take up 5 spots in the middle of a busy lot, and the other patrons let him have it. Though they were aggressive, I’m sure the driver got the message.

Sidewalk Criminal

If there’s one rule when parking in a neighborhood driveway, it’s to never block the sidewalk traffic. Because if you do, they’ll not only be annoyed, but might even slide across your hood.

Jeep Locked

It’s not just trucks who take up unnecessary spots, Jeeps do it too. But this guy wasn’t getting away with it so easily, as the authorities decided to throw boots on the wheels so he couldn’t leave.

Cart Swarm!

Everyone knows that parking your car outside a department store is a no-no, and that’s because tons of people are trying to get in and out. Well, the cart retriever sure showed them!

Giving Them the Boot

If you’re bold enough to show disregard for others and take up multiple spots outside a busy store, you should be fully prepared to suffer the consequences when people complain!

Special Spot

Since this fellow didn’t seem to care about the lines purposely signifying parking spaces, a nice patron decided to draw them their own spot, since they couldn’t park in one themself.

Passenger Door

Since this Camaro decided to get cute and park in the dead center of two spots, the driver of this Rav-4 must have been livid to see there were no others available, so he immediately made his frustration known. Time to hop over the center console!

Trashed In

Usually in the city, when they say no parking, they really mean it. Not only was it clearly displayed on these dumpsters, but what better way to emphasize the point than by pinning them in with said dumpsters.

You’re Surrounded

When this person thought he was smart by parking whimsically in an open lot, some others decided play a nice little prank on them, surrounding with five vehicles, making it almost impossible to escape.

Grumpy Notice

When you have a reserved spot, you treat it like your baby. And that was certainly the case for this person, who used this grumpy cat notice to get the message across. Betting there won’t be a next time!

Drive Away

This person took issue when his neighbor literally parked in the way of their driveway, causing them to be trapped due to the curbing. They made their frustrations heard with a nice illustration.

Going Online

If you’re especially bad at parking, you’re probably going to end up on the internet in a story like this, being exposed for your incapabilities. This annoyed neighbor was sure to make that known.

Going down!

When people are fed up, they tend to make some pretty ambitious threats, but somehow when it comes to parking, people get really riled up. Though this would be a crime, still not worth risking it!

Parking Consumption

Of all the notes you could leave on a napkin, this is probably one of the nicest. You can’t say that they aren’t speaking the truth, and all humans should help lowering parking consumption.

Art Notice

The passive aggressive nature of taking even a little time to draw a picture, just to prove how annoyed you are with the person who took your spot is admirable. Have to respect the effort. Hopefully they get the message.

Squeezed Outback

When this Ford Explorer decided to park across multiple parking spots for no apparent reason, two other people took it upon themselves to pin them in incredibly tight, giving the perpetrator low chances of escaping.

Still Fits

Even though this person’s selfish effort to take up two spots was egregious, this Jeep Wrangler was still able to fit in one of them, allowing him to make the driver’s door completely inaccessible. Make ‘em work for it.

“Green” Parking

These entitled drivers were either delirious or just being smug, because they decided to park their literal green cars in spots reserved for electric or environmentally-friendly vehicles instead. Sure, maybe it’s sort of funny, but it’s definitely rude and deliberate.


Sometimes when you clearly display that you don’t know where the spot is, other people are willing to help point it out, in dramatic fashion. Now everyone knows how entitled they were.

Saran Stuck

Everyone knows the classic saran wrap car prank, but this person took it to another level. It looks as if they wrapped it multiple times, considering you can’t even see in the windows. Good luck getting that off.

Potato Clan

Welp, well this unlucky individual couldn’t have predicted the Potato Clan would come after him, but they better shape up before the rest of whatever the produce army comes for them…

Princess Parking

They teach you pretty early on that anything with stripes slashed across is a no parking zone, but some people try and just do it anyway. And even if you don’t get a ticket, someone will call you out for what you are.


Instead of putting a boot on this car, it seems an unhappy patron decided to really take it to the extreme and just drop a whole slab of rock on the hood. Regardless of if it proved his point, we’re sure it left a mark.

Line Crosser

The only excuse this person could have is that the spots were snowed over when they got there, which would be benefit of the doubt, but considering someone likely had to park far away and was mad enough to write it, probably not.

Good Luck

Since this individual didn’t understand how to stay in his own parallel spot, the people who were forced out of space decided to make a point by pinning them in so closely, he’ll inevitably have to face the music.

Today’s Winner

Instead of the typical passive aggressive response to bad parking, this person decided to glorify this offender for the entire parking garage to see. Can’t imagine they’ll make that mistake again, but now everyone knows their true colors.

Thorough Explanation

Somebody obviously bought this card in anticipation of meeting yet another incapable parker, which has probably been torturing them for years. Now, at least the culprit will know the extent of their actions.

Hydrant Priority

Everyone should know that you’re not supposed to block fire hydrants, and while city’s always block a spot off, some people still disrespect their wishes. And when it comes to safety, the hydrant is always going to take priority over the car.

Smart Chains

While this may be extremely petty, this improvisation tire chain lock system is absolutely savage. Not that everyone just has a massive chain handy, but this was bound to dumbfound the driver.


No one will ever understand why you’d think it’s okay to just park sideways across multiple spots, but you better believe that if you don’t have an extremely good reason, people are going to come for you.

Propped Up

Clearly this isn’t how these cars are usually parked in the driveway, and we can assume the Mazda came in a bit too hot, to the point where both cars were not only lifted, but got wedged in place.


This person was practically asking for it when he decided to park inappropriately next to some dumpsters of all places. Even we could’ve predicted that angry patrons would show them up in the most obvious way.

On An Island

This historical picture of a man’s truck being isolated by an entire trench is pretty epic, and makes you wonder how long it’d been there, and whether or not the driver was ever coming back.

Parking Makeover

It’s unclear what the story behind the costumes is, but it’s pretty obvious these three men decided to troll whoever it is that decided to park perfectly on top of the dividing line.

Hummer Duel

Nothing like two Hummers duking it out for spots that are already too small for the monstrosity of vehicles they are. Clearly one got to the spot the other wanted first, so they cancelled out each other’s driver-side door.

Handicapped Forever

When this person decided to risk it all for a handicapped spot, they never could have predicted the consequences would be taken this far. That blue paint sure isn’t coming off easily.

Carted In

A benefit of the other inconsiderate people who leave carts outside of the corral is that you can use them to trap in other inconsiderate folks who take up multiple spots at the grocery store. Good going team!

Rude Imposter

Not only did this guy park in a foolish manner and take up two spots, but he did it in the exact same make and model as another jeep, who clearly took offense. He responded appropriately, though, by just perching himself on the person’s wheel.

Be Careful

Whether they knew it or not, this car was parked on private property, and even though it usually just sounds like a threat, this time the owner was very serious. Now it’s time to figure out how to get the car down…

Seriously, How?

Well, now we can see the extent of the situation. It appears that the car was raised up by the forklift, and will likely stay on the cage until the owner comes back and learns what he’s done.

Dare You

This smaller vehicle was so over the fact this lifted pickup truck felt the need to take up two spots, they literally parked underneath the body, effectively daring them to run them over if they want to leave before them.

Lambo Boot

Just because you’re rich or drive a nice car, doesn’t mean you’re immune from the rule of law, let alone basic street rules. This Lamborghini tried to get cute and park in a loading zone, but authorities weren’t having it.

Cart Prison

Whatever this person did, it wasn’t parking outside the lines, because the car appears to be in the spot. We’ll guess this car had been left way past its welcome, so the store made an emphasis to make sure it wouldn’t leave without an explanation.

Smart Tips

The car with the least excuse of fitting in a normal spot would be a smart car, so when this driver made the mistake of parking directly on the line, the people let him have it and tipped the whole car over. Ruthless.

Yellow Stripe

To showcase exactly how bad this person’s parking efforts were, they visualized it for them with a yellow line of their own, appropriately striped across the whole car, which was sure to infuriate the perpetrator.

Blatant Disrespect

Either the driver of that Ford couldn’t read, or had a gripe with the motorcycle driver, because pinning a motorcycle in when it’s in its designated spot is not cool. Hopefully they were still able to get out.