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Indy Car Selects Dallara To Provide 2018 Indy Car Bodies



IndyCar ha announced that Dallara Automobili, a longtime partner of IndyCar will provide the universal bodywork kit that will fit the currently racing Dallara IR-12 chassis. This change will take place for the 2018 Verizon IndyCar Series season.
The Dallara universal kit will be implemented by all IndyCar teams across the racing field. The design andstyling of the universal kit was a collaboration between IndyCar and Dallara with support from Chris Beatty. Beatty is a concept designer and 3D animation contractor from the UK.
IndyCar’s goals were to bring a bit of retro IndyCar to the table with modern technology and safety. Below is a video of a computer generated look at the 2018 IndyCar Universal Kit.
Source:YouTube IndyCar