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Iconic Cars and Coffee Irvine has been shut down!'



The legendary Cars and Coffee in Irvine, CA that is held every Saturday morning for close to 10 years has been officially shut down. Cars and Coffee Irvine over the years has been the flagship car enthusiast early bird car show. Many OE Manufacturers debuted some of the most epic prototype vehicles to some astonishing examples of the Ferrari LaFerrari, Toyota FT-1, McLaren P1, McLaren F1 and the list goes on and on. Jay Leno is a typical attendee of the ever growing show.
The reason why:

“Rumor has it that there were noise complaints from the owners of a hotel and apartments that are under construction next door. The organizers of C&C Irvine have been asking car owners to “keep their revs low” this entire year and there has been as consistent police presence outside the event to discourage burnouts. […] The event is held in a lot that is adjacent to office buildings occupied by Taco Bell, Mazda, and Ford. There is speculation that the Irvine Company, which owns the nearby residential construction project is behind the complaints of noise”