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Assetto Corsa Releases Competizione Blancpain GT Series



Source: Assetto Corsa
If you are a sim racer out there on the online world, then you have to be excited to hear that Assetto Corsa today released a teaser video and some information on their latest gaming technology that will be the successor for their famous Assetto Corsa sim racing game. Assetto Corsa Competizione will have the Blancpain GT Series license and will be a sim racing game focused on GT3 cars only.
The Competizione game will now have a driver ranking system that is found in the likes of iRacing that ranks drivers based on their performance and behavior online. This is predominately to promote fair online game play. Play clean and you will be rewarded with playing with other clean players, play dirty and you will be put in a category that will only allow you to play with same like minded individuals.
Source: Assetto Corsa
You will also find in the new release dynamic weather, time change and an animated pit crew. Assetto Corsa Competizione will be released on Steam this summer but there has been no exact launched date as of yet.
Source: Assetto Corsa