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Weirdest Cars Ever Made



There are the cars you see every day on the road, then there are the ones that stick out like a purple cow. And we’re not talking about luxury rides – weird cars are literally everywhere, just driving around as if there’s nothing abnormal about them. We’re talking about like, strange rides.
From full-on custom designs to absurdly unnecessary modifications, these are some of the weirdest cars you could ever see out in the wild. Who knows if owners wanted attention or this was their actual dream car, but there’s no doubt they turn heads every time they hit the road.

Tilted Out

A popular trend these days for many kit cars is to tilt out your wheels so that they slant away, distorting the vehicle’s shape. Doesn’t seem the safest for when having to navigate over literally any speed bumps, or up ramps and driveways, and probably makes driving a nightmare.


You have to give this person credit for seamlessly combining their old Jeep with a scissor lift. We can assume driving with it raised isn’t very road-safe, but it’d be funny to see people’s reactions at stoplights, or even when parking. Can’t say it’d be hard to find.

Suzuki Riser

Sometimes the body of a car is perfectly fine, while the chassis needs to be replaced completely. Well, no problem for this Suzuki owner, because he just threw this on top of an old lifted one and is happy with the result. We’ll say the rollover possibility is a high 9.

Monster Fiat

To everyone that said Fiats are uncool, you haven’t seen this one. Jacked up on wheels that are basically bigger than the car itself, this custom monster vehicle seems to be enjoying a nice drive through the snow. Can’t even say it’s not functional, it’s more just like, why?

Furry.. Gopher?

It’s hard to know how to react when seeing this, uh, car, let alone if you’d happen to see it casually on the street. As if the pink fur isn’t problematic enough, the huge creepy eyes and buck teeth just put the icing on the cake. Doesn’t seem safe either, but hey, if she’s enjoying it.

Silver Stretcher

This custom limousine has a lottt going on. The different modifications are everywhere from the hood to the roof to the side framing, and everything seems to follow the silver pattern. The real question is how heavy is all this, and is it actually two cars combined? We may never know.

Truck Boat

This guy must have always wanted a low-rider convertible truck, because he converted his boat into one instead. Maybe he owns both, and just wishes the truck could float too. Either way, people on the water are likely to be confused, but that’s okay because it honestly looks sweet.

Piped Camaro

You have to wonder what this Camaro owner was thinking when he willingly built this monstrosity. Not only are whatever pipes that are coming from the hood obnoxious, but the insane splitter and fender skirts probably make it impossible to driver anywhere.

Heel Trike

This giant high heel-bodied trike is something to behold. While looking completely ridiculous on its face, it’s actually a pretty cool customization that would draw many onlookers every time you’re out in it. Clearly this woman is very fashion-savvy, and wanted her ride to flaunt her style.

How About No

We’re not going to dive into what’s going on here, but all we can say is that this Miata owner should be ashamed of themself. There’s a difference between trying to be funny and being straight up weird. This falls into the ladder.

Fur Rings

Audi makes some pretty solid cars, but they definitely don’t sell them with these kinds of bodies. It’s pretty unclear how you would wash any car with fur, but we’ll just assume they don’t go out in the rain since it’s a convertible anyway. Regardless, this wookie-like fur is an odd choice.


This old Model-T is clearly owned by either a thrifter or a hoarder, because the amount of stuff on this vehicle is concerning to say the least. Not that we know what this guy’s profession is, but a collector is a start. Respectable the vehicle’s still holding up, though. Definitely entertaining.

Truckside Down Convertible

Upon seeing this you almost undoubtedly need to double take, since this optical illusionary convertible with its wheels on top is a crazy ride to say the least. Creativity and unique level is through the roof, but it makes you wonder the motive behind it… We may never know.

American Dream

The American Dream is one of the rarest cars in history, and was once the longest car in the world. The custom 1970s Cadillac Eldorado model was created by Illinois resident Jay Ohrberg, who eventually became a Hollywood car designer. The interior featured a hot tub, putting green, and tanning bed, among other luxuries, and who could forget the helipad at the back?

Pink Thunderbird

This Ford Thunderbird concept car from 2004 is one of the more odd body shapes you’ll ever see. With four front tires and the hot pink paint job, you can already assume this car is a one of a kind. Not to mention the retractable roof. Seems a bit futuristic, but hey, it’s a concept.

Double Bug

Two Volkswagen Beetles are clearly better than one, but unfortunately they’re attached at the roof. You never know what inspires people to create such peculiar vehicles, but at least the upside down beetle seems to be serving as a kind of double decker. The family seems happy.

Land Yacht

If you can’t drive a boat on water, what not convert your car into one you can drive on land. By the looks of it, they took an old Hull and dropped it on top of an old Cadillac body. The strangest part, however, is that the steering wheel and driver’s seat is incredibly high. Seems a bit risky.

Van Converter

This oddly customized passenger van looks like half submarine, half Ghostbusters electrician force. We have no idea what the poles on top do, but hopefully they light up. And for the Airstream body material and port hole windows, it’s just a modern take on a rat rod.

Peeling Out

A banana car is something you can imagine, but probably would never see, especially with this realistic of a body. Dare we say the banana looks surprisingly fresh? And the people can be seated in their own individual row? Doubtful that these people can go anywhere without stares.

Moto Limo

If you’re a biker, this limousine trike is one of the best options you can book for your wedding day or even a night out with the boys. With an incredibly clean paint job and stylish interior, you can bet it’d be a pretty comfortable ride. Even though it’s weird, it’s still pretty cool.

Japanese Tuner

Japan’s car culture is pretty crazy, and look no further than this outrageous tuning on an old family van. With an insanely stocked bumper and some rooftop wings, it looks like this thing is about to take off. Tuning is a wild auto hobby, but this one took it to the next level.

Solar Cart

In what seems to be a customized cart race of some kind, this Shell-sponsored driver is in a solar powered go kart, which literally has an entire panel on top to power it around. With such a small cockpit for the driver, you’d have to think it’d be easy to flip if you cut a turn too sharply.


On this next edition of cars shaped like objects, we have a “Texas-size phone,” according to the plate on the hood. Whoever owns this is likely to draw the question, “how can you see?” And to that, we think a transparent glass must be under the numbers. Regardless, it’s a fun design.

Fly Whip

Perhaps the customization you were least expecting on this list was a venus fly trap vehicle. Not only is it absurdly shaped, but we couldn’t imagine a more unsafe seat that that play place window seat. Honestly, if you look at it, it could also be the piranha plants from Mario.

Rusted Rat

Rat rods are cool and all, but there’s got to be a certain level of tolerable rust. This one, for example, doesn’t even look driveable considering its windshield has all sorts of nonsense going on. The back tractor wheels are just the chefs kiss, cause it solidifies this car is going nowhere.


The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in product marketing history, so couldn’t keep it off the list. Representing a road-ready hot dog, many have seen it driving around, but as of late, it’s much more rare. Is the Weinermobile now an endangered species?

Holden Hurricane

Believe it or not, this concept car from the Australian manufacturer Holden is from the late 60s, and somehow it looks a lot newer. The automatic roof rising instead of doors is nutty, but almost predicted butterfly doors. Like it or not, this car was way ahead of its time.