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The Villain in the next James Bond Movie will have this!



Jag_C-X75_Image_07_270613_LowRes jaguar-cx75
The next film of the James Bond Collection “Spectre” is reporting to have the villain in a cooler car than Bond!
How will Aston feel about being ONE-UPPED by Jag!?
With that said Daniel Craig will not just be driving any old Aston Martin, he will be driving the new DB10. Remember, it’s that car that even if you had the money to afford you couldn’t. Aston is only making 10 of these and they are just for the movie production team.
The Villian will be powering around in the Jaguar concept C-X75, which the auto maker actual debuted a few years ago. The C-X75 is propelled by some futuristic gadgetry such as jet engines and some crafty V8.
Jag_C-X75_Image_06_270613_LowRes Jag_C-X75_Image_02_270613_LowRes Jag_C-X75_Image_05_270613_LowRes Jag_C-X75_Image_04_270613_LowRes Jag_C-X75_Image_03_270613_LowRes