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The Secret Life Of Ivanka Trump



Ivanka is one of the most prominent female figures in the public eye today, but most don’t realize her journey to the world stage began with her own drive and hussle, that began with developing a personal brand of her own.
Before Ivanka held any sort of status as a public figure, she grew up behind the scenes of a hectic lifestyle that forced her to grow up fast. And that she did, as she became business savvy, and learned to direct her influence to greater causes. Click START to catch a glimpse into Ivanka’s rise.

In A Formal Gown

It’s quite clear that Ivanka could have been a full blown movie star. At least, she could have been a model. She is beautiful enough to play the part. She did get some opportunities, however…

Her Stuff

She appeared on the cover of Stuff Magazine. Actually, she was on the cover several times. But that wasn’t all.


She has also dated Lance Armstrong and Bingo Gubelmann. Even though they are stars, they are the ones who were shooting a bit high when they tried to hang with her.

Her Cover Of Seventeen

At the age of 17, she appeared on the cover of Seventeen. It was her first cover appearance ever. A true mark of her ability to have gone far in modeling.

Forever In The Spotlight

Even though the couple managed to keep their relationship under the radar as best they could, Ivanka and Topher Grace dated for a short time back in 2006. Their relationship obviously caught the eye of the paparazzi and the rumors swarmed.

Early Grooming

She hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant at the age of 15. Her father was the executive producer. So, it’s clear she was being groomed for something great from the beginning.

She Got Married

Somehow, Jared Kushner won her heart back in 2009. They were set up by a mutual friend and it went from there.

Her Own Family

Now, she has a family of her own. After that documentary she made, will she be able to keep her own kids protected from the depravity of the media.

On The Move

Even with a family and a goal to be a great mother to her children, she doesn’t let anything slow her down. Jared might be a businessman himself, but they will make the ultimate power couple.

Showing Support

It seemed like she wasn’t really there to help her father during the start of his campaign. When the truth came out, she was the driving force behind it all along.

An Interesting Twist

It might surprise some people, but Ivanka and Chelsea have been friends for a long time. In fact, the Trumps and the Clintons have been friendly families. It’s just politics folks.

The Businesswoman Model

If you had a choice, would you choose a career in modeling or business? While some celebrities work their way into business, Ivanka was trained in business and could have gone either way.

Business And Politics

You’ve got to love critics complaining about her wearing her own articles of clothing at the RNC. It was a great idea. But, haters gonna hate.

The Bachelorette

Could you imagine Ivanka on The Bachelorette choosing between suitors? Good thing she turned down the offer.

She Converted

Her husband Jared is an Orthodox Jew. When they got married, Ivanka converted to Judaism. It’s not a big deal, but it is another interesting fact about her.

She’s Bilingual

She has had quite the extensive education from Chapin School and Choate Rosemary Hall to Georgetown and University of Pennsylvania. In all that, she has managed to pick up French as a second language.

Ivanka’s Sister

Of course, there has always been love between Ivanka and her sister Tiffany. Tiffany has tried to stay out of the headlines. Only now has that become impossible for her.

Diamonds And Gold

Three years after graduating college, she was making deals in diamonds. Joining forces with Dynamic Diamond Corp. in 2007, Ivanka launched her own fine jewelry line in Manhattan.

Forest City

She didn’t always work for her father. She actually took a job with Forest City Realty Trust after graduating college. It’s a real estate management and development company.

Worldwide Diamonds

Her company has expanded quite a bit around the world. Her jewels are available all over the United States as well as Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

In Contrast

Ivanka has made several appearances. One such appearance was in Gossip Girl. She stood out when the show aired because she was significantly taller than everyone.

Quite Tall

Ivanka stands 5’11”. As anyone would know, that’s kind of tall for a lady.

Born Ivana

She actually was named Ivana at birth. But, they changed her name to Ivanka to avoid confusion with her mother.

A Bonafide Runway Model

It wasn’t just a dream or a flash in the pan. She was an actual runway model and she could have easily kept going in the industry if she hadn’t felt a bigger calling.

Available Globally

It’s not some small scale offering certain celebrities do when they stamp their name on it. Her items are manufactured and offered throughout the world.

And There’s More

She graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics. She definitely has a head on her shoulders with the ability to accomplish anything she wants.

Very Accomplished

Knowing that Donald is a very shrewd businessman, Ivanka would have had to have earned her position. She sits atop her father’s empire as Executive V.P

With The Family

Ivanka is not just a business woman. She is also a star who did more than just sit beside her father in Celebrity Apprentice. She was in a documentary called Born Rich, an expose on how famous parents have a hard time keeping their children protected from the depravity of the media.

On The Runway

She didn’t just simply go into fashion by opening up a clothing line. She was a runway model for Versace for a brief time. She obviously got all she wanted out of that career choice because she didn’t renew her contract when it came up.

Her Clothing Line

And even as the Executive V.P. of her father’s company, she plows forward creating her own clothing line. The Ivanka Collection can be purchased at Macy’s, but it’s also available in other places.