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Tesla S Owner Stranded on Christmas Eve Because Car won’t Charge in Virginia.



The owner of a Tesla Model S says he was stranded on Christmas Eve after it wouldnt charge at multiple charging locations, apparently due to a failure of its battery to warm up in the frigid temperatures.
Virginia-based radio host Domenick Nati posted a TikTok video under the handle @domnatishow showing his Tesla with 19 miles left before the battery dies, in 19-degree weather, on Saturday. After the car wouldnt charge at home, he drove to a Supercharger station.
After plugging in the charging cable, the video shows the displayed message: “Battery is heating – Keep charge cable inserted. Charge rate will increase once battery is warm.” An hour later, the battery was still not warm and still not charging.
While charging is affected by cold temperatures, Teslas and other electric vehicles are designed to warm up battery packs for charging. Its unclear whether there was a malfunction with his vehicle.