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Strangest Things You Will See on the Subway



Ask anyone who rides the subway – it can be full of weird and wonderful characters and is great for people watching!
Here are some of the strangest things you will see on a subway across the world! Click NEXT to hop onboard and enjoy your trip through our hilarious subway slideshow.

Creepy Clown

Some clowns are cute and lovable, some sad and squishy. Unfortunately, Stephen King’s creation Pennywise from the movie It is just plain scary, and this subway passenger epitomizes everything terrifying about clowns.

The Bendy Green Goddess

There’s nothing like showing off how limber you are to fellow train passengers. Dressed head to toe in green latex, this female passenger passed time on the subway by stretching her limber leg muscles.

What Does the Fox Say?

We can only assume this subway passenger has either attended a furry convention, or just enjoys dressing as a fox. Either way, with his long bushy tail and pointy ears we do know the denim-clad fox is about to indulge in his favorite take-out thanks to his plastic bag full of goodies.

A Man and his Husky

Who says it’s only toy breed pooches that can be carried in bags? This subway passenger wasn’t going to allow his pet husky’s size deter him from carting it around in a shoulder bag.

Spiderman Doesn’t Sit

In keeping with the true Spiderman character, this costume wearing passenger really got into role playing when he climbed the subway carriage handrails.

Pikachu’s Strange Tongue

Japanese creation Pikachu is terribly cute, but this Pikachu passenger’s anatomy is somewhat confusing. Notice the hand coming out of Pikachu’s mouth to steady him on the bumpy journey.

When You Try to be Scary

This passenger may have wanted to elicit a few looks of fear from fellow travelers by dressing head-to-toe in a petrifying outfit. Unfortunately, his travel-weary passengers are pictured looking completely oblivious to the red-eyed, long talon monster sitting in their carriage.

Squeezing in a Yoga Sesh

Exercise is a must and that means squeezing it in whenever you can. This passenger found a packed subway train to be the perfect place to roll out her yoga mat and perform some pretty inspiring yoga poses.

Cosplay Face Off

What happens when Darth Vader and Batman board the same subway carriage? Naturally, a face-off ensues between the two. Both characters squared up to the challenge, with Vader placing himself menacingly in front of the carriage door.

The Zebra Centaur

It’s not everyday you see a Zebra Centaur trying to makes its way through the subway turnstiles.

What is that?

This woman looks completely baffled – and rightly so. She has no idea what is lurking underneath the mountain of moss that has seated itself next to her.

Mike Tyson and the Winking Dog

Even heavyweight boxing champs occasionally ride the subway – and while his fellow passenger looks thrilled to be seated next to Mike Tyson, his dog looks somewhat unsure.

Traveling Incognito

When you don’t want to be recognized on the train there are a few things you can do. This subway traveler was able to travel incognito thanks to a creative mask and a leopard print outfit.

I Will Not Get Wet

Being caught out in a rainstorm with no umbrella is no joyride. This passenger wasn’t taking any chances and chose to cloak himself in a black garbage bag with an ingeniously cut out peek-hole as he waited for his next subway stop.

Green Army Man

It’s like a green army toy has come to life on this subway train. Looking like he’s been carved entirely out of plastic, it’s hard to tell if this is really a person, or a statue.

Coats & Shorts

One of the benefits of underground public transport is that you can get away with less bundling up if you can scurry into your destination. This group of ladies clearly had that in mind, as they decided to bring the appropriate coats, all while still wearing shorts.

Bathtub Happy Hour

We have a lot of questions here, including how they got the tub on and what they’re planning to do when the ice melts. But hey, as long as the man is enjoying his drink and getting to his destination safely.

Guess This Works Too

This woman’s getting multiple uses out of her mask, doubling it as a blindfold so she can take a nap during her commute. But at least she’s still covering her mouth and nose.

Alien Love

This stoic alien found love on the subway as his fellow passenger showed no fear of extra-terrestrial life and instead snuggled her head upon his shoulder.

The Friendly Bear

Forget riding the subway train, this friendly bear costume-wearing passenger should have a job at Disney. With his jovial wave and friendly smile, he is trying earnestly to bring joy to his oblivious fellow travelers.

Sasquatch Sighting

You don’t need to trek into the wilderness of Kentucky to try and spot Sasquatch when a simple subway trip will suffice. This Sasquatch was spotted looking a bit sorry for himself, while his fellow passengers paid no notice to the depressed creature hunched down in their carriage.

Bride of Chucky

The characters from Bride of Chucky are alive and well thanks to eagle-eyed passengers who spotted them on a Japanese subway.

The Attention Seeker

Yeah, yeah – we get it – you’re super limber and have great upper-arm body strength. This passenger was looking to elicit a few whoops of awe as he balanced himself mid-air across the two handrails, all while using his cell phone.

The Crochet King

This creative passenger loves crochet – he’s also saving himself a ton of money by making his own ‘one-of-a-kind’ outfits!

My Pet Guinea Pig is a Witch

This businessman doesn’t go anywhere without his pet rodent. He also lets it wear an adorable witch’s hat while it follows him on a leash. We are just left hoping he picks it up to board the train – that gap between the platform and subway carriage could be a matter of life or death for his furry little pet.

Power Rangers Protect

No need to fear on this subway train when interplanetary warriors are on-board to protect their fellow passengers.

The Prepared Dog Owner

Some dogs like to walk, some dogs like to be carried. This organized pet owner is prepared for everything thanks to an ingenious IKEA bag hack. She has cut out legs for her pooch in case he wants to walk, but also has the handles for when he gets tired.

Bums Are So Funny

These jovial passengers obviously have a great sense of humor and aren’t afraid of a few stares as they parade their butt costumes through the subway terminal.

Alien Creatures Have Smart Phones too

It’s hard to tell what’s more humorous about this picture – the fact an extra-terrestrial is seated on a subway train nonchalantly scrolling through his phone, or that his fellow passengers are completely indifferent to their alien co-traveler.

Train Seats Are So Not Me

Let’s face it – plastic train seats can be so uncomfortable. This savvy (and strong) passenger brought his own – a luxurious recliner – so he could enjoy his commute in style.

The Dominatrix Catwoman

We don’t know what this dominatrix Catwoman is offering to the poor elderly gentleman, but he looks like he’s putting up a little bit of opposition!

No Room to Sit

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. This passenger made the best of a bad situation by choosing to hang upside down like a bat when there were no seats left in the carriage. He was even able to peruse his cell phone quite comfortably, just going to show anything is possible with a little bit of imagination.

Pimp Daddy Style

This man has gone full pimp daddy style with his fur coat, walking cane, large hat and two pairs of goggles.

Where I Go, My Peacock Goes

These passengers look like it’s an everyday occurrence to see a peacock board a train. No one seems to bat an eyelid as the peacock travels like a true pro.

My Nose Needs a Rest

This poor subway rider was so tired he actually fell asleep with his nostril smashed up against the handrail. This is exactly why you should wash your hands after taking public transportation.

Camping Trip

Taking the subway can be just like camping if you string a hammock in the carriage. This savvy subway traveler was able to take a snooze in complete comfort thanks to his ingenious hack.

A Purse for my Pitbull

Yet another devoted pet owner who wants to place their larger dog in a bag and carry them around.

Everyone Needs a Spare Tire

Lugging a spare tire around can be hard work. Just look at this guy. Passed out on the train with his spare tire placed precariously between his knees. Let’s hope it doesn’t roll down the carriage while he snoozes.

The Tribal Warrior

Obviously this subway rider was on his way to a fancy dress costume party. Decked out in some magnificent tribal gear this passenger looks really focused on the task at hand.

Camo With a Twist

Yet another example of a subway rider who doesn’t want to be recognized. Don’t want to make conversation with co-workers riding the same subway? Simply slip into something camouflaged like this creative traveler.

The Savvy Dresser

Some people have a style all their own – like this subway rider who bears a rather striking resemblance to Conor McGregor. With his beanie hat, baby blue and pink camo spandex pants and ‘meat’ socks, this subway passenger rocks a creative outfit.

Cabbage Head

It’s tough to find a good-fitting hat. This subway passenger thought outside of the box and opted for a cabbage leaf instead.

A Fed-Up De Niro

Even celebs get fed up riding the subway. Take Robert De Niro for instance. Here he is looking thoroughly disenchanted with the whole ‘ride with the common people’ subway journey. Even a packet of potato chips can’t help lift his sullen mood.

I’ll Sleep Where I Can

This passenger wasn’t about to let a lack of a seat prevent him from taking a nap!

This Book is SO Boring

You know you’ve picked a doozie of a book when it sends you to sleep mid-page.

The Subway Sleeper

Some people have a hard time nodding off on the subway. Others just – well – conk out with no problem at all.

The Traveling Magician

Why pay big bucks to go see a magic show when you can just board your local subway train. This magician isn’t afraid of using public transportation to cart all of his paraphernalia – including a white rabbit – to his next performance.

Pop Top Man

Public transportation is full of quirky, creative passengers. Take this man, for instance, who has fashioned a chain-link outfit made entirely of soda pop tops.

The Urban Hunter

This camo-clad, rifle wielding man looks like he would much rather be sitting in a deer-hunting cabin then riding an urban subway train. The lady next to him doesn’t seem to be bothered about his arson of weaponry – she’s really into her book.

We Slept Through Our Stop

Let’s hope this sleeping couple managed to rouse themselves from their slumber in time for their stop.

The Sad Goth and her Raven

Dressed head-to-toe in black, her pet Raven by her side, this depressed looking passenger doesn’t seem too thrilled with the modern conveniences of subway travel. Fortunately, she has her pet on a retractable leash should her Raven decide to spread his, or her wings.

This Floor is so Comfy

This passenger couldn’t even make it to the seats before he fell asleep. Instead he conked out right in front of the door.

A Tired Barack Obama

Is this really a picture of a weary President Obama using the subway for his evening commute, or a very tired lookalike passenger?

The Impromptu Thanksgiving Feast

There’s nothing like carving up a turkey during your evening commute. This hungry passenger had a hankering for roast turkey, and like a true pro, came equipped with a chopping board and carving knives. From the looks of things her fellow passengers don’t look too impressed with her chef skills.

Spock Personified

This Trekky passenger is obviously a huge Spock fan with his blunt-bobbed Leonard Nimoy hair-do and wistful far-away facial expression. He’s probably sitting there wishing he were aboard the Starship Enterprise instead of his local subway train.

Where Did My Pants Go?

Looks like someone had a hard day at the office. This work-weary passenger was forced to ride the subway home in his boxers for reasons we can only imagine. He did however still wear his full shirt and tie, together with sensible corporate shoes and black socks.

The Middle-Aged Male Hello Kitty Fan

Some of us just want to go back to a simpler time in our childhood, when Hello Kitty reigned supreme and we could ride the subway decked out in our favorite Sanrio attire. This passenger (he appears to be a middle-aged man) threw caution to the wind when he boarded the train wearing pink baseball boots, a ruffled mini and a Hello Kitty bag and tee.

We Love Our Owls

This gang of friends love their pet owls so much they decided to take them on a day-trip aboard the subway train. Either that or they were off to a Harry Potter convention. While four of the feathered friends are sitting nicely, there’s always one in the group feeling frisky, but it seems the passenger with the dreadlocks has a firm hand on her badly behaved pet.

The Ardent Suitor

It’s tough being single. It’s even tougher to try and find love on your evening commute. But this romance-hungry passenger was taking matters into his own hands thanks to a little self-help book that promises readers can “find love on the subway.” From the look on his face the book promises to be a real page turner.

The Heartbroken Bride

Yikes! What do you do when a tearful heartbroken bride, the bottom of her wedding dress dirtied with mud and rain, boards your train? Talk about uncomfortable. If only she had gotten on the same train as the man reading “How to Meet Women on the Subway” her story could have had a happy ending.

A Bum View

“Don’t look up, don’t look up” this poor passenger is probably telling herself as she notices a rather pudgy bum encroaching on her personal space. With eyes fixed firmly on the floor, this poor traveler’s journey home did not have the best view.

Boxed In

This savvy passenger knows how to prevent an uncomfortable head-roll when sleeping on the train. He positioned himself inside a cardboard box, giving his head and neck plenty of support.

The Wistful Harpist

Who says your evening commute needs to be stressful. If you’re fortunate enough to ride the subway with this guy, his gentle strumming of the harp is sure to lull even the most annoyed of travelers into a tranquil state of mind.

So Tired

This passenger had a hard day at work. He literally fell asleep sprawled across several seats on his commute home.

Cutting the Cheese

Cheeseboards are so refined. This little black dress clad passenger obviously knows a thing or two about enjoying the gourmet lifestyle. Not for her is a quick fast-food pick-up for the subway journey home. She’s packed a wooden cutting board, a sharp knife and some tasty cheese for her evening commute.

Ninja Assassins

It looks as though these ninja assassins are being escorted off the platform. Either that, or they’re stalking the train conductor.