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Meghan And Harry’s Interview Just Changed Everything – Here’s Why



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were considered the epitome of true modern royalty in a post-royal world, which made their exiting of the royal family all the more heartbreaking. But after nearly one year now, the couple agreed to be interviewed for the first time since the “Megxit”.
The couple gave a deep-dive into what really goes on in the royal family, including some devastating details behind why they left it all behind. We’ve compiled the most important details, as well as recent updates about how the royal family has responded.

The Revealing Interview

The ex-royals sat down with the legendary Oprah Winfrey, and the setting couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Sadly, that beauty was overshadowed by some pretty upsetting details they openly admitted. Oprah began with a surprising statement, one that was about to open the flood gates…

Nothing Off-Limits

Oprah established how serious of an interview this was about to be by telling her that “there is no subject that’s off-limits.” Little did she realize how much liberty that seemingly-simple statement was about to place on this entire interview.

“I Went Into It Naively”

Meghan openly admitted that she wasn’t prepared to be a royal. “I can definitely say that I went into it naively”. She and Harry talked about it at length, but she was still caught off guard by the pressures of the day-to-day activities. Sadly, nothing could have truly prepared her for three years of what was to come.

Nothing Like The Fairy Tales

When people think of royalty, they tend to have a very romanticized view on the whole thing. Fairy tales had conditioned not only Meghan, but also the rest of the world, to assume what it’s like being a royal. But – as Meghan put it – there was a huge “misalignment” in perception versus reality, “and there was no way to explain that to people”. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning.

Curtsying For The Queen

Most people don’t need to be formal when meeting their grandmother-in-law, but Queen Elizabeth was no ordinary grandmother. It wasn’t until they were driving in the car for their first meeting that Harry informed her she had to curtsy for her. “But it’s your grandmother,” Meghan said. “But it’s the queen”, Harry responded. Meghan bumped into celebrities all the time while living in LA, but this was “a completely different ballgame.”

Putting Kate In Tears

Did Meghan make Kate Middleton cry over flower girl dresses? Barely into the interview, Oprah was probing deep. Meghan confirmed that she never made Kate cry, but that Kate made her cry just a few days before the wedding. But that isn’t even the part that upset Meghan the most.

Wrongful Blame

Meghan admitted that there was no actual confrontation between her and Kate, and that the two made amends with each other. But a small spat wasn’t what worried Meghan. Even more worrying was the fact that while tabloids were running the lies, staff members knew the truth and never spoke up. Later in the interview, Harry exposed an awful truth about the royal family’s relationship with the media.

A Separate Standard

Oprah pointed out that there were very obvious differing standards that were set for both Meghan and Kate – specifically when it came to how they held their baby bumps during their pregnancies. While Kate was praised for it, Meghan’s very same action was taken as a display of pride and vanity. Oprah delved deeper and asked Meghan where these separate standards came from. A long pause ensued.

Heroes and Villains

“They really wanted a narrative of a hero and a villain,” she explained. “If you love me, you don’t have to hate her. And if you love her, you don’t have to hate me”, Meghan stated. But for Oprah, there was an even bigger question at hand – a question that very well could expose the logic of the royal family.

An Outsider

Oprah acknowledged some very interesting differences between Meghan Markle and those others who married into the family – she was the first actress, the first divorcee, and the first person of mixed race. And as somebody who was raised to be strong and independent, Meghan’s induction into the royal family came at a very personal cost. This interview was slowly unravelling more and more…

Silent or Silenced?

Meghan’s quiet, reserved demeanor during her time in the family apparently wasn’t a choice. Meghan stated that there was a definite silencing taking place. She was instructed to say “no comment” to everybody, including her friends and family back home. And she complied 100% with whatever she was instructed to do. “It was all through the lens of ‘we’ll protect you’”, she revealed, “and I believed that.” But micromanagement wasn’t even the worst of it all.

She Couldn’t Leave The House

This “protection” Meghan received introduced limitations on public appearance. “It’s nothing like what it looks like”. Even activities like lunch with friends were limited because they thought she was oversaturated and overexposed already. Over a four month period, Meghan only left the house twice. “I’m everywhere but I’m nowhere”, is how she put it. In a pre-covid world, Meghan Markle was forced to live a life that everybody has since come to hate.

Suffering For The Crown

Harry and Meghan had taken a tour of South Africa back in 2019, and the couple were both fried from the experience. But royal couples don’t get frazzled, and so they were forced to keep up the appearance that everything was completely fine despite suffering through major mental pain. But that pain only worsened when the royal family gave them some shocking news.

Their Unborn Son Wouldn’t Be a Prince

In May of 2019, the couple welcomed their first child Archie into the world. As joyous as it was, the royal family dropped a bombshell just months before the birth – their child wouldn’t be given the title of prince, and thus wouldn’t receive any kind of security. The title didn’t matter at all to Harry and Meghan, but they desperately wanted their son to be safe. No reason was given for this bizarre decision. Then Meghan revealed a heartbreaking possible reason.

Skin Color

One of the biggest bombshells dropped in the interview was when Meghan revealed that conversations had taken place “about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.” Stunned silence ensued when Oprah heard this. Meghan had just dropped an incredible piece of damaging information. Could these allegations really be true? The royal family was about to chime in…

The Queen’s Response

As soon as Meghan revealed this huge information during the interview, Queen Elizabeth was quick to respond. “The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning… they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.” This interview was far from over, though.

The Pressures Were Getting To Her

With all of these things transpiring around her, Meghan was quickly sinking into mass depression. On top of that, she was being bombarded by the press. Things got so unbearable that she was forced to seek help from the institution, a group of senior aides to the family. She was told, however, that seeking mental help would reflect poorly on the family, and so Meghan was left to fight her own battles. She was on the brink of her breaking point, in the worst way imaginable.

She Had Suicidal Thoughts

In those days of mental turmoil, Meghan didn’t know what to do. “I didn’t know who to turn to. I was really ashamed to have to say it… and ashamed to have to admit it… but I just didn’t want to be alive anymore”.

She Was Losing Her True Self

As thoughts of despair raced through her mind, Meghan found her true self slipping away. She found herself scared by how real these thoughts were. She recalled one event that she and Harry attended where her husband was holding on to her hand so tightly out of fear of what she might do to herself – and this was all while she was pregnant.

It Was Time For Harry To Speak

The time had come for Harry to speak. The ex-prince revealed that once they decided to step away and relocate to America, the royal family had cut off their security. This was all because they were no longer a part of the institution, and therefore were no longer entitled to the benefits. However, security wasn’t the only thing they had to worry about.

The Family Cut Them Off

The other benefit of being a royal besides protection is the wealth that comes with it. But considering that Harry, Meghan, and Archie were no longer true royals, the family cut them off financially. According to Meghan and Harry, though, “we never really left the family.” None of this was very surprising to Harry, though, considering that his mother Diana had foreseen this coming…

History Repeating Itself

Harry described the whole situation of events as history repeating itself. “Touching back on what my mum would think of this, I think she saw it coming”. This was a very personal issue for him considering how he had seen Diana weighed down by the very same issues. “I can’t imagine what it was like for her going through this by herself”. Next, Harry laid down some truth about how the royal family operates.

“This Is Just How It Is”

Watching Meghan go through so much anxiety caused Harry to look at the royal family in a new light, much like how Diana likely saw things. What shocked Harry was how little the royal family was willing to help people like Meghan or Diana, simply stating “this is just the way it is.”

Charles Stopped Taking Harry’s Calls

Even before Harry and Meghan made the news of their departure public, there were still enormous hurt feelings in the hair. Specifically with Harry’s father Prince Charles, who apparently wouldn’t answer the phone when Harry called. The reason? “Because I took matters into my own hands”, he explained, “I could see where this was headed”.

Why They Left

So why did the royal couple decide to leave? Harry took a moment to contemplate his answer once Oprah asked the question. “Lack of support”, he answered. “And lack of understanding”. Then Oprah asked a very important question: “Did you blindside the queen?”

The Claims Were False

Prior to the Megxit, speculation began circulating among the press that Harry had blindsided his grandmother with the news. Harry laid this to rest, though, by stating that he never did anything of the sort and that he called the queen several times about it, as well as his father before he stopped taking his calls.

The System Was Unhealthy

As Harry reflected on the life he came from, he acknowledged that this new perspective has caused him to realize so many things that he simply never noticed before. While both he and Meghan were collapsing into depression, he realized they were caught in a system that was unwilling to help. “It’s a very trapping environment”, he admitted, going on to say that his family has just accepted the lifestyle and has claimed that it simply can’t be changed. And for Harry, he has some pretty dire views on how things will end up.

An Unhappy Ending

For Harry, he can’t see this situation ending very well. He saw what was happening and became shocked once elements of race came into it. “And that was the trigger for me to really engage with my family, to say ‘guys this is not going to end well… for anyone’”. So why wouldn’t his family show any kind of support? Harry had a theory about that.

An Invisible Contract

The press is an unavoidable aspect of public service, but apparently it’s even worse for the royal family. “I am acutely aware of where my family stands, and how scared they are of the tabloids turning on them”, Harry revealed. When asked why the press would turn on the royal family, Harry described an “invisible contract” that exists between the institution and the tabloids, serving as a sort of symbiotic relationship between the two.

Princess With No Voice

Near the end of the interview, Meghan compared herself to the character of Ariel in The Little Mermaid – a princess who falls in forbidden love with a prince and sacrifices her voice in the process. For Meghan and Harry, they have faith that her voice – her true voice – will return just like it did at the end of the movie. In fact, their hope is that all voices can be reinstated, and the entire system will realize the error of its ways.