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McLaren 650S Le Mans debuts and instantly dubbed F1 GTR’s kid brother



McLaren in 2015 will be celebrating their 20th anniversary of winning Le Mans with the McLaren F1 GTR by selling the McLaren 650S Le Mans edition.
The Le Mans edition is the brain child of the McLaren Special Operations department. The 650S has added a snorkel, reconstructed front wing and louvers in the front fenders.
A set of lightweight wheels have also been designed and fitted to the 650s that resemble the astonishing F1 GTR. 19 inch wheels up front with 20 inch in the rear.
Below you can see the design cues from the early F1 GTR
landscape_nrm_1421761348-650s_le_mans_01 landscape_nrm_1421762985-650s_le_mans_02 650s-le-mans_04 Mclaren-F1-1[1]