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Massive 2016 Formula 3 Crash at Red Bull Ring



Two drivers in this past weekend’s European Championship Formula 3 were hospitalized after this horrific accident during the race. The three drivers that were involved were Ryan Tveter, Pedro Piquet and Peter Li Zhi Cong.
The accident was the making of a simple track off during the Saturday race turning into a multi-car airborne accident. Ryan Tveter slid off the corner that and turned the track into a burst of dust that was hard to see through. Peter Li Zhi Cong came racing around that corner as Tveter was slowing where Li hit the rear of the slowing car and went airborne for a few seconds.
The accident resulted in an immediate red flag and ended the race. Reports say that one driver was unconscious when the medical team arrived at the car and awoke later at the medical center. The two drivers were treated at the hospital while Li was airlifted with head and back injuries and Tveter went by ambulance for scans for precautionary measures.
source: Fox Sports