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Historical Motorsports Crashes



Every weekend all across the world there are all different types of motorsports events happening from Nascar to Swamp Buggy racing. Every weekend the drivers of these machines put their lives on the line for the glory of becoming a champion or an event winner. Sometimes this weekends can end horribly or even deadly when a part fails or another driver makes a mistake. Here is a collection from the past of motorsports crashes from all forms of racing.



Did You Know?
One of the most memorable scenes in the major motion picture Wolf of Wolf Street incorporates this white Lamborghini Countach. In the scene, the movie’s main character Leonardo DiCaprio hilariously attempts to drive this vehicle under the influence.
The action television series Starsky & Hutch featured a bright red 1975 Ford Gran Torino as its main mode of transportation for the series’ main characters, police detectives David Michael Starsky and Kenneth Richard “Hutch” Hutchinson.
When this movie’s main character Frank Martin played by Jason Statham needed to complete a mission in the film The Transporter, he chose this Audi A8 W12 as his method of transport.
The action adventure video game Grand Theft Auto focuses on an open world where players can engage in various activities such carjacking, third person shooting and racing.
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