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Five F-35 Lightning II Facts You Need To Know



The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning is the latest stealth fighters produced for the United States by the defense manufacturer. A single-seater twin-engine configuration fighter with more technology than most people could phathom is aboard this steath craft. Most people did not know the first F-35 flight was flown in December of 2006 with a unit cost of $98 million per aircraft.

F-35 Top Speed

Source: Imgur
The F-35 Top Speed 1,199mph with a range of 1,380 Miles

F-35 Vertical Take-Off

Source: Google Images
The F-35 is the only aircraft that can fly faster than the speed of sound and also take off and land vertically unlike other stealth fights or any jet in its category. This helps in landing in small spaces and territories easier for pilots.

Individual Parts That Make The F-35

f35-3Source: Military Aviation News
There are over 300,000 specifically engineered components that go together to assemble the F-35

Custom Pilot Helmet

Source:Navy Air
Each and every F-35 Pilot is outfitted with a custom made helmet that allows the pilot to quote-on-quote, “See Through The Plane.”

American Supplies & F-35 Program

Source: Google Images
In the United States, over 1,300 American supplies aide in the production of the F-35 program