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There are millions of species of animals on this planet – more than eight million if we’re talking numbers. There are so many of the brilliant critters that we have even invited some of them into our home. Cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, parrots – there seems to be no end to the pets we love to have as part of our families. However, it looks as though some of us aren’t done there. No, there are also many of us that love to have the weirdest and most wonderful creatures on the planet in our homes.
Sure, they might be able to end our lives, but who doesn’t like to be kept on their toes? Although the exotic pet trade can be a huge market, it looks as though there is a bridge that even the most daring of us aren’t willing to cross. That’s right; we’re talking about the most dangerous species on the planet. These are the animals that can end our lives with one wrong move and have been designed by nature to tackle anything that stands in their way. While you sure won’t find us going in for a cuddle, the internet can be a marvelous thing, and somewhere we can sit back and enjoy all of these dangers from the comfort of our own home.