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40 Recent Archaeological Discoveries That Are Shocking



Archaeological discoveries are mankind’s best way to understand how our planet might have functioned hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago. The more we unearth, the more we learn about ancient societies, pre-historic life, and newly discovered species. Click NEXT to see some of the most important archaeological discoveries recently made.

Infant Remains Under Roman Bath House

Infanticide in the Roman world consisted of unwanted babies being exposed where they could possibly be found to be raised by someone else or succumb to the elements or wilds of the environment in which they were left. The Romans believed the gods and goddesses would ultimately decide whether the baby would live or die. The reasons for the shock of the Roman babies of Ashkelon would include the sheer number of remains of infants found in one location, but also that it appears that these children were put in the sewer beneath the bath house on purpose so that they would never be found.