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Worst Car Mods Of All Time



When it comes to modifying cars, some people should just have their cars impounded.  Most car offenders ruin a decent and normal car by adding unnecessary modifications such as wings, graphics, excessive lighting or weird chrome-purple window tint.  Usually an offender spends under $1000, but anyways here are some of the best car mod offenders

Bro, do you even lift?

Only Enough Money For a Wide Body but Not Wider Wheels

99.9% of People Don’t Understand Your Exhaust

Cool Grill…

Cool Hood Spoiler?

I can fix it myself!

I Just Wanna Watch My Engine!

There’s That Guy With The Snake Car!

And, There’s That Lady With The Leopard Volvo!

Dude, your car is two cars.

It’s like a Jeep Liberty, but with even more freedom.

Four Loko For The Win!

But, Everyone Loves Facebook, So This Idea Rocks!

Kinda Sexual

Geo Metro Pick-up Truck

Ugliest-Useful Car Ever!

Ninja Turtle?

The Depot Modder


Oh, sweet you got that BMW Hyundai Collaboration Edition


Your Crooked Licence Plate Is Not The Only Issue

So Passive Agressive

source photos: reddit